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Cooperative and Work Integrated Curriculum
Date du début: 1 sept. 2014, Date de fin: 31 août 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Nowadays Europe face a problem of high unemployment of young people. VET systems where student are more involved in practical training in companies are believed to be more successful when it comes to transition from school to labour market or employment. This project will focus on the implementation and quality of practical training in companies taking into consideration both content and length of practical training in companies. The goal of the project is to establish conditions and new cooperative method of practical training; improvement of the response of vocational education and training to the changing demands on the labor market; supporting employability (from the selected quality indicators) and improvement of quality assurance system within the vocational education. In this project partnership will exploit in practice new method of practical training in companies - cooperative education and training, where much more cooperation in implementation of education content and training content between teachers and mentors is envisaged. New methods of curriculum planning and implementation will be tested in accordance with quality assurance methodology, new curricula and methodology will be produced for later use. Based on evaluation some tools how to implement cooperative education and training will be produced to be used by schools and companies. Benefits for target groups are: for students, participants these are: motivation, professional vision, greater employability and professional maturity; for employers: flexibility of the manpower, employment and holding of trained workers, bigger entrance into teaching plans, permanent mentors and evaluation of future employees; for educational institutions: assurance and preservation of permanent communication and cooperation for the needs of industry, real education and education of high quality for the needs of industry and environment: long lasting synergy between education and economy. Within partnership, which consists out of VET schools, university and company from Austria, Macedonia, Slovenia and Spain, there are piloting partners and advisory partners with some experience in execution of cooperative education.



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