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Cooperación, Conocimiento y Movilidad 6
Date du début: 1 juin 2016, Date de fin: 31 oct. 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

We are proposing the exchange of 4 students for 3 weeks with a school in Ireland to perform the following activities:- Educational and training activities: Throught the 3 weeks the students will be working at their work placements.- Cultural Exchange: After working time. the students will share activities which allow a first contact with the countries involved in the project: Visits to museums, contact with the natural environment, and the involvement in traditional sociocultural activities.PARTICIPANTS:The departments of Administration, Information Technology, Public Health, English and Spanish Languages have been willing to cooperate with all projects related to knowledge transfer between languages and cultures. In this particular case, these departments will be coordinated by D. Iván López Montalbán and the executive staff.NEEDSIt is essential the development of new paths in the education of our students to help build the European Union, more precisely, to remove language and cultural barriers existing among E.U. members. Thus, we could encourage students from other countries to learn our culture and get close to Spanish culture and language, which unfortunately, seems to be relegated to a second plane just behind English, French and German, despite its enormous richness and influence all over the world. EXPECTATIONS, WHEN AND WHERE THE MOBILITIES WILL TAKE PLACE: The next academic year we have planned to repeat the students exchange with our partner in Ireland. This year, we will receive their students in May and we will send ours next March, coinciding with the period of working/practicing in companies. According to our previous experiences in Erasmus+,, Erasmus and Leonardo Projects, we anticipate that the result will be very satisfactory for partners, students and teachers involved.



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