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Converging technologies for micro systems manufacturing (COTECH)
Date du début: 1 oct. 2008, Date de fin: 31 oct. 2012 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The objective of the project COTECH is to investigate new approaches of µ-manufacturing based on advanced technology convergence processes and to propose hybrid solutions for high added value cost effective µ-manufacturing emerging applications. The main goals of COTECH are to develop: (1) µ-replication technologies underpinned by emerging tool-making technologies for processing multi-material components and creating: a) 3D µ-components using high throughput multi-material µ-injection moulding with sub-µm resolution; b) 2D µ-components using direct multi-material hot or UV embossing with a sub-200nm resolution. (2) Radically new replication convergent technologies combining the capabilities of µ-injection or embossing to a complementary activation step to create intelligent devices in a single process step: a) Hybrid processes based on µ-injection moulding using modules of e.g coating and compression injection moulding, to provide functionality to µ-devices, such as active coatings and combination of micro and nano features in a single step; b) Ultimately the hybrid processes based on µ-injection with embossing will be validated. This will offer a very high throughput multimaterial µ-injection that will enable the fabrication of 3D high aspect ratio µ-parts, complemented by an embossing step to allow ultra precise 2D features. (3) Global process chains with increased MTBF (50%) and fabrication of high quality products. This requires innovative non-destructive inspection solutions and simulation models. (4) High added value µ-devices with advanced functionalities. COTECH proposes to validate industrially the new technology convergence processes with 8 demonstrators representing the most emergent industrial sectors (transport, biomedical, energy). The expected market for the industry exceeds 1 Billion €. COTECH will also address the problem of knowledge fragmentation by activating a polymer µ-manufacturing sub-platform as support to MINAM.



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