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Control of metabolic and inflammatory pathways by nuclear receptors (NR-NET)
Date du début: 1 sept. 2013, Date de fin: 31 août 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

NR-NET is a multidisciplinary consortium, whose activities are directed towards the understanding of the role of Nuclear Receptors (NRs) and coregulators in metaflammatory disease. Metaflammation - metabolic disorders linked to chronic inflammation – is an emerging concept explaining the pathogenesis of a wide-spectrum of diseases. Since several nuclear receptors can directly sense metabolic alterations, we propose that they could be considered as important endogenous modulators of metaflammatory pathways further expanding the repertoire of diseases that can be intervened by NR-modulating drugs.NR-NET is expected to deliver important new knowledge on the basic biological processes involved in the mechanism of epigenetic control of gene expression by nuclear receptors, on structural and functional aspects of nuclear receptor action with an ultimate goal of better understanding the pathogenesis of metabolic disorders and inflammation.The composition of the network was designed to contain a balanced mix of labs with experience and skills in academic and industry based research, so that it can provide young researchers the opportunity to acquire skills and expertise in:a. Structural and functional aspects of NR-regulated gene expressionb. Genomics and proteomics approaches to analyze complex regulatory networksc. Systems biology approaches and bioinformatics tools to define composite regulatory modulesd. Studying metabolic and inflammatory pathways in model organismsThe research will be conducted under the framework of a structured training program, which includes a myriad of Individual and Network-wide training activities. Apart from training in academic and industry-based research projects, specific emphasis will be given to training in transferable skills and the stimulation of creativity and entrepreneurial mindset of researchers.



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