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Contributing to Adolescents Labour Marketposition
Date du début: 1 juin 2015, Date de fin: 31 mai 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

All students and staff members of our college can potentially benefit from our policy on internationalisation and shall be involved in this mobility project. More specified: students from our branches Techniques, Business, etc. (without exceptions) and of different levels (mostly starting up from level 3 up to level 4 (of which 4 will be the vast quantity). Needs that are addressed. Again in 2014, an every year growing number of students and staff in all fields of education were aware that their professional education gets an extra dimension and value on the labour market when having an international experience. Students hear in their work environment, from their family and friends that society needs capacities like speaking languages and knowing how to deal with intercultural communication. It's important to know how to behave in a different business cultures and that you are able to use different languages. Especially with our pilot in 2015, to work with groups of students during two weeks abroad, we think that this initiative is very successful in itself but also a preliminary step for longer stays and work placements abroad. Main aims and expected outcomes. a. the broadening of the students labour market possibilities; b. combining practical learning with and international work placements; c. creating an international atmosphere in our school by organising sponsor activities for the Third World, guest visitors in education (Africa, Philippines). Where and when will the mobility take place? Most of the students will visit partners we have long time arrangements with. These partners are, as usually, found in EU-(new) member states but also in the Filipinas, Malawi, Curacao etc. Usually the first students will leave in July or August 2015.



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