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Continuous Professional Development and Classroom English
Date du début: 1 juin 2015, Date de fin: 31 mai 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The RSG Enkhuizen is a Dual Language Education School (tweetalig onderwijs) and its teachers are required to ensure that their English and didactic skills are kept up-to-date during their teaching career. As part of the school's Continuous Professional Development (CPD), teachers are required to spend a period of one week abroad in a British school observing and teaching their subject to native speakers. We have invested considerable time into building the relationship with Silverdale school and ensuring that Silverdale can offer us the on-the-job refreshers' course that our teachers need. We intend to send two sets of six qualified teachers from the RSG Enkhuizen to our sister school in Sheffield (Silverdale School) for a period of one school week per set over two academic years. The teachers will also be researching a group project to present back to the school on a topic that the management team in their judgement deems worthy of our educational needs. The topics at present are Differentiation in the EAL classroom; EAL techniques for teaching and comparing these to our CLIL techniques already in use for example. In addition, teachers will be required to complete a personal project that will form part of the PDP (Professional Development Plan) and this will be monitored and assessed by the owning manager at school. Our teachers will observe the lessons for the first day and then build this up to teaching small groups before taking on a full class at the end of the week's visit to Sheffield. They will be harvesting authentic materials that can be used in the DLE/TTO classroom and building partnerships with the teachers present so that future projects small or large can be confidently set up with learning goals that will suit both schools. The RSG Enkhuizen will benefit with this English refreshers' course empowering our teachers to deliver first class education to our DLE pupils in the department. This will no doubt play a great role on the pupils' results as our teachers pick up and adapt new approaches to their subjects for our DLE classrooms. With relationships strengthened between the management teams in both countries and the teaching body, we would like to build on this to create a teacher exchange for both schools and of course create an educational exchange for our pupils.



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