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Date du début: 2 mai 2016, Date de fin: 1 mars 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The White Paper of International Voluntary Service 2011-2021 (WP), created as a result of a long-term participatory process, contains the vision and global strategies of the international voluntary service movement. Every CCIVS biannual Plan of Action (PoA) is based on this document.During the General Assembly in 2012, the analysis of the results achieved in regards with the WP highlighted the fact that actions were done on Peace and Human Rights by CCIVS members in the past years but lacked the network umbrella and visibility; also underlined the need to compile the many educational materials existing on the thematic. CCIVS members during the GA 2014 voted for the continuation of projects focusing on improving cooperation and exchanges in the Mediterranean region. A first step towards this cooperation took place in 2014-2015, the results of this 8 month long project, which included a contact making seminar, staff exchanges and evaluation meeting, led to the construction of this project proposal Taking into account the current situation in the regions targeted through this application today - war, occupation, refugee crisis, rise in extremism, poverty among others this application seeks to build the capacities of the IVS movement, its youth workers and trainers by providing them with a platform for non formal learning and discussion to work towards a strategy for awareness raising and working together with young people in order to help to impulse a change, to provide an alternative and to focus on peace building as opposed to war, terror and oppression.The Objectives:1. understand the phenomena of rejection of migrants and refugees, of rise of violence (extreme-right or terrorist), especially among young people2. provide the space to share best practices and local realities related to the understanding of causes of involvement of youth in violent extremism3. analyse our position as IVS organisations in this context and understand what are the tools and means that can be used4. outline a strategy and to raise awareness on the role that IVS organisations can play in face of violent extremism5. promote the work and the tools of IVS organisations in the field of peace and human rights education, active participation and social inclusion6. improve the professional capacity of youth leaders and workers in using NFE techniques in contexts and communities where violence is present while acting as multipliers and touching the young population7. empower youth workers to promote non-violent communication and intercultural dialogue and re-connect youth organisations and young people8. improve cooperation and exchange between the EU and the Southern Mediterranean region.To respond to the above objectives CCIVS proposes a 10 month project to take place in 2016-2017. The different steps will include:1. 'Peace Builders Training Course' 01/06-07/06 (hosted by Concordia, France) targeting 26 youth workers and trainers from partner organisations, working on the local level with and who have direct contact with young people in their local communities, and who are able to commit and take part in actions starting after the training and continuing until the ‘Conference’.2. Final Conference in Morocco (22-27 November 2016) on xenophobia and extremism and the role of IVS (hosted by UMAC, Morocco) Attended by 26 youth workers and trainers. They will come together driven by the need to network, share and evaluate the results of the different actions which would have taken place during the year, as well as the desire to continue the work started during the project with follow-up initiatives.NFE methodology will be used throughout the project, which we consider to be extremely important for integration and understanding between cultures. We will also use technology to give a real-time feedback of the results of the activities- such as by the online-diary system.2000+ young people in local communities will benefit from the activities implemented by the trained multipliers promoting non-violence and intercultural dialogue. Over 20 youth workers will gain new tools and expertise and will take this back to their sending organisations. 21 Youth organisations directly involved in this project and 20+ institutions invited to the institutional events and contacted via the communication campaign will benefit from the development of this project and from the sharing of the results. This project is a concrete step towards understanding the current refugee crisis and the rise of violent extremism and will provide a platform for the discussion and exchange and the development of a strategy for the IVS network.



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