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Contact making to Youth Participation; the strengthening of a culture of peace focusing on active participation and social inclusion among young people in the EU and the Southern Mediterranean
Date du début: 1 oct. 2014, Date de fin: 31 août 2015 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Following the creation of the "VOLUNTEERING 2011: Global Strategies for Global Challenges - The Youth Volunteering Movement answering the challenges of Sustainability, Social Inclusion and MDGs", the members of IVS defined Active Participation and Social inclusion as a main thematic for the Movement. This project is directly linked to the CCIVS Plan of Action and touches issues including a Culture of Peace, Active Participation and Social inclusion and the organisational aspects which are related to designing, implementing and evaluating projects which tackle this thematic area. CCIVS would like to propose a three stage project including: Contact Making and Mapping seminar for IVS organisations active in the field of Active Participation and Social Inclusion for a Culture of Peace, which will allow organisations to; meet, share and learn about each others actions; to map different actions taking place in the EU and Southern Mediterranean countries; to create common Guidelines specific to the region and recommendations to the CCIVS Plan of Action, to improve Youth Participation and Exchange between the participating countries and regions and which could apply for the network. The Contact Making seminar will take place in France hosted by Solidarités Jeunesses 8-14 December 2014 including: 5 days seminar, 1 arrival day and 1 departure day; Followed by 7 day Staff Exchanges EU- Southern Mediterranean countries and vice versa between March and May 2015; An Evaluation meeting from the 1-7 June 2015 in Jordan will invite all partners and will be hosted by the Institute for Leadership Exellence. The Contact Making Seminar and Evaluation will bring together 24/26 participants and 6 members of the Preparation and Facilitation team. The objectives of the Contact Making Seminar are; 1. Introduce IVS, CCIVS and other organisations; 2. Exchange of Good Practices in the field of youth work, non-formal education; 3. Map the IVS projects tackling inclusion and active citizenship that have been implemented by IVS organisations so far; 4. Analyse projects and their results, with a clear focus on their strengths and weaknesses; 5. Define the approach of IVS organisations on Inclusion and Active Participation (political priorities, partners/stakeholders to be involved, etc.); 6. Identify needs and reflect together on how to tackle these issues 7. Develop new mobility projects within promoters countries, reinforce MEDA region co-operation. - Promote reciprocity within youth exchanges giving equal opportunities to all young people, develop a medium-term plan of action in the field of inclusion and active participation. The Staff Exchange will take place between a selection of partners of the project they will ensure a better understanding of new methodologies in youth work which can be adapted and implemented within the local contexts. These visits would permit to know each other better in their local context and give new ideas for innovative practices, develop further projects with confidence on reliable partners which is crucial while working with young people including those with different backgrounds. The Final Evaluation aims to close the project and to work on the next steps it will: -Evaluate of all the phases of the project; -Review of the mapping shared in the first seminar, feedback. -Overview of the impact of this project, on the promoters and the benefits for the young people reached by this project (youth -workers, young participants in different activities, interaction with local communities) -Gather of useful tools used during the implementation of the activities duration. - Create Guidelines for Exchange in the Region -Plan the next stages for cooperation and projects focusing on active participation and social inclusion (inc. recommendation Plan of Action) -Creation of an online publication – definition of the contents The project is open to CCIVS member organisations and other IVS organisations recommended by CCIVS members who can nominate their permanent staff or long term volunteers who have responsibilities related to international coordination and who can represent their organisations having a good working knowledge of English. A Plan of Action and Guidelines for Exchange in the regions specifically based on the thematic of Active Participation and Social Inclusion will be a concrete output of the project.



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