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Contact Making Seminary "YEIP". ( Young peope in Progress)
Date du début: 1 mai 2015, Date de fin: 1 nov. 2015 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The YEIP seminar gather associations and youth workers from 8 European countries and was a good opportunity for Consejoven and for local associations to meet new partners, to exchange new practices and to create a red of associations to develop new common projects. The knowledge on Erasmus + programme has been increased during the seminar. The youth workers gained new knowledge about project writing, eligibility criteria, dissemination and impact. Also they had the opportunity to ask for more information and to clarify any doubts during the session with the National Agency expert. The main object of the seminar has been fulfilled. We met European partners and we created a network for developing future projects. Regarding the specific objectives the contact between local and European associations has been facilitated; a proper environment for working and exchanging ideas has been created; through the training offered we increased the knowledge about Erasmus+ program, its objectives and Key Actions; about Youthpass certificate, the dissemination, results exploitation and project evaluation. The associations had the opportunity to get know each other, to exchange ideas, working methodologies and good practices. The intercultural activities offered a space for cultural awareness. The participants had the opportunity to discover and to share their culture and also to explore the local culture. This activities led to increase the European citizenship and to made visible the diversity and the unity of the European Union. During the seminar different types of activities had been developed: 1. Dynamics and knowing each-other activities, which helped to create a good working environment and facilitate the interaction between the participants 2. Training activities: Erasmus + workshops, Youthpass workshops, project management projects. 3. Teamwork activities which facilitated the exchange of ideas, the identification of common interests and helped on drafting the future projects. 4. Intercultural activities for cultural awareness and building European citizenship. 5. European Youth Meeting for knowing and exchange ideas with the local association. The project had a good impact at local, national and international level thanks to the network that has been created for developing future Erasmus+ projects. Before, during and after the seminar, together with our partners, we made an important dissemination of work done in order to inform the young people and youth workers about the European values and opportunities and to involve the youth and the NGO’s in developing Erasmus+ projects.



10 Participants partenaires