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Consumers in Action (ConACT)
Date du début: 30 juin 2006, Date de fin: 29 avr. 2008 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The project ConACT aims at the creation, establishment and dissemination of a wide network of Local Centres for Consumer Protection in order to create a Mediterranean cluster for intervening in the application of the European consumer policy in a more drastic method. The participating regions are characterised by important tourist activities and visits of tourists that are facing small or largest problems during their staying in the regions. The project aims at providing a consumer protection policy focused on tourism and services related activities, improving the dialogue with EU citizens and promoting consultation as a common framework for successful governance in consumer protection policy. The direct involvement of consumers and their effective representation is essential in order to act as counter-balance to other strong interests and to participating the policy making process. The main objectives of the project can be summarised as follows: • Beginning of dialogue among the participating countries in regional and national level as a part of the bottom up approach for involving citizens on the policy making procedure for consumers’ matters. • Enhanced cooperation through the creation of additional specific information networks concerning consumers policy protection matters by the establishment of one Local Centre for Consumer Protection (ConACT Center) in each participating region, operating under the supervision of the relevant public authorities. • Specification of one suitable development model for local application in the field of consumer protection policy in the south-eastern Mediterranean. • Elaboration of instruments for promoting the involvement of local stakeholders, consumers and citizens in order to enhance the EU citizenship with innovative ICT tools such as the Consumer Information System • A single market in which consumers have the necessary information and skills to shop cross-border and an appropriate regulatory framework which will enable them to do so with confidence. Expected Results: 1. A transnational cooperation network will be established (coordination of the application of consumer protection policies) which will be based on the creation of Local Centres for Consumer Protection in South-eastern Mediterranean – one in each participating country. 2. A study will be elaborated by the Leader Partner, concerning the forming a common Consumer Protection Policy in the countries involved and the future development of a common Central South-eastern Centre for Consumer Protection of the South-eastern Mediterranean. The study will include the development of a common model for the management of serious consumer crisis. 3. An on line pilot application will be also carried out consisting of a common Consumer Information System (CIS) to be used by all network units (Local Centres for Consumer Protection in South-eastern Mediterranean). 4. Exchange of information, know-how transfer and exchange of experiences and good practices are envisaged. A common study on consumer protection know-how will also be conducted, titled as Practical Guidelines for consumers’ protection and successful case studies. 5. Information, awareness and promotion actions will include a full two-year dissemination plan.


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