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Construyendo puentes entre la formación y el empleo en Europa
Date du début: 1 juin 2016, Date de fin: 31 mai 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

This mobility project enables expand integration into the European and national labor market, both students who are completing their training and recent graduates, due to the difficult labor market situation in Spain, with a high rate of youth unemployment, that difficult them to find their first job.The project is to provide students the opportunity to expand and improve the quality of their training a trainee at European companies allowing them to get in touch with the reality of the European labor market. The close collaboration of the VET schools consortium has enabled the development of this project. The consortium comprises 6 institutes Valencia coordinated by IES Lluis Simarro.The VET schools of the consortium need to establish European quality networks with companies and schools, this will allow them to get in touch with innovation, share best practices and knowledge of European policies, improving the quality of their teaching and combating youth unemployment .The project is designed for 60 students a who are running the 2nd year of the intermediate level of Hostel and Tourism, computer and communications or administration; or graduates in the last year: middle-level technicians in these specialties. During the project will be conducted 8 flows; 4 to Italy, 1 to France, 1 to Poland and 2 to UK. Each VET institute will select 2 ex-students and 8 students. Italy will receive 4 flows because the profile of the partners and the different geographical areas will enable students to do their training in different fields due to companies, even of the same sectors are very different.Moreover, there has been written one project of the same characteristics in Italy which will give the Spanish consortium the possibility of hosting students from other European schools, to meet, share experiences and foster a spirit of active European citizenship.The main activities that will be carried out by the project partners are:-Preparation mobility. Including: Selection of participants, initial assessment of their skills , previous training participants , logistical and contractual issues , coordination ...-Realization of mobility. Working on enterprises and making cultural activities.-Monitoring . A tracing of the evolution participants will be will be made by the means established in the project.-Evaluation of the participants. The skills acquired during the period shall be certified using ECVET and Europass defined from an initial evaluation. The activities within the company will aim to achieve these skills and will be adapted for each of them.-Evaluation of the project results and report of the dissemination activities.-Dissemination. The dissemination activities are planned throughout the entire project. During the project "Jornada de la cocina mediterranea" in and "Sagra della polentai" will be developed. A final dissemination conference for showing the results of the project. Besides the impact on the participants, the project will affect the partners promoting European cooperation and approchement between enterprises and VET schools.Dissemination activities and mobility itself will create an impact at the local, regional and national levels. Although they are not involved in the project, other entities at the local, regional and national levels will benefit from the project results:-Creation of a quality network integrating schools and enterprises.-Improving youth employment rates. -Improvement of young people skills.-Creation of new collaborative networks at regional level-Increase the possibilities of internationalization of other institutions who could participate in European projects. Increasing the number of the partners in the consortium.-Better knowledge of the Erasmus + program and EU values (tolerance, equity,equality and inclusion).-Improving the sense of active European citizenship and respect for other cultures-Improvement of language and ICT skills in students and teachers-Possibility of creating new enterprises and new business models-To Encourage social inclusionThe project is directly linked with the 2020 strategy and strategic priorities agrees to help the EU and its Member States to generate higher levels of employment, productivity and social cohesion.



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