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Construire l'Identité Européenne, culture, éducation Alimentaire et Langues
Date du début: 1 sept. 2015, Date de fin: 31 août 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

We are aware that nutrition is a critical factor in good health and given the chance we have to capitalize on our rare cultural and gastronomical heritage - recognized worldwide - we would like to create a project that celebrates Mediterranean cuisine. This would represent the perfect occasion for trans-disciplinary actions and exchanges, drawing on our unique relationship with food as well as the rich mix of cultures and mother tongues inhabiting the partnership ; which incarnates our approach towards a better understanding of our related dialects. We are 4 partners coming from distinctive economical, social and cultural backgrounds but moved by the same passion, desire to embrace our diversity and turn in into a beneficial experience for both our students and their entourage. To carry out this enterprise, we aim to share our mutual knowledge, to communicate in each and every language present within the partnership- including English- to engage in joint activities, which would eventually culminate in a banquet, sharing a meal together. The menu will consist of Mediterranean signature dishes, with the following guests : Approximately 160 students, coming from 4 European countries (Spain, Italy, Portugal and France), guided by a group of thirty tutors, stemming from a multitude of paths and disciplines (Literature, Mathematics, Science, History, Geography, Physical education...). Festivities will involve as well a broader circle of actors and individuals, connected with the community and who will concretely or indirectly benefit from the fruitful outcomes of the project. The range of activities will happen in the course of the 4 forthcoming banquets -which will gather all of the partners involved- along with 2 extra exchanges between France Portugal and Italy, for the first one, and between Italy and France for the second one. During these trips, participants will be able to share their distinctive goods and visit the different sites of production, conversion and sale of the products, as well as expressing their passion in their own language or witness the others’! As a tribute to our endeavor and spirit of conviviality, each gathering will be consecrated with a final reception, organized by the host college. Additionally, we suggest to implement 3 trans-national meetings, to happen between all the tutors and actors involved, so we can plan and pilot the project efficiently. Beyond the first benefits of the cultural exchanges and trips, our activities will be archived, marketed and disseminated through a large panel of digital devices and media. We are creating a set of tools and platforms to communicate about our project, such as : - the organization of punctual contests and events - the design of branded tablemats as well as posters or flyers highlighting our actions - the creation and elaboration of our own dishes, celebrating our unique food, taste and heritage - the publication of a recipe book and multi-lingual e-book, focusing on healthy lifestyles. This project, that will allow young people from all over Europe to meet and share their culture, is meant to open up individuals to diversity as well as the possibilities to learn and improve each other through mutual sharing. In return, these experiences should enhance, promote integration and future collaborations for the next Europe to come; paving the way for new perspectives and actions in terms of Education.



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