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Constructing buildings with customizable size PV modules integrated in the opaque part of the building skin (CONSTRUCT-PV)
Date du début: 1 févr. 2013, Date de fin: 31 janv. 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Construct-PV will develop and demonstrate customizable, efficient, and low cost BIPV for opaque surfaces of buildings. Opaque surfaces are selected because they represent massive wide-area spaces of untapped harvesting potential across Europe. To develop highly efficient systems, most promising PV technologies have been selected, i.e. back contact cells fabricated with MWT technology, extensively investigated by Fraunhofer in the last 3 years and heterojunction technology developed by Meyer Burger. These technologies allow more frontal surface area for energy harvesting leading to higher efficiency. To be attractive to the market, Construct-PV systems are multifunctional. Opaque surfaces present the opportunity to retrofit building envelopes at the same time of harvesting energy. To do this, Construct-PV consortium features Meyer Burger as a leading PV technology company, FRAUNHOFER as one of the main innovators in the PV-sector, TEGOLA as one of the main Italian providers of insulation and roofing elements and ZUEB as a leading construction company specialised in innovative façade solutions. By further developing and integrating the most promising technologies, the project will cover the last kilometre to market while keeping a pre-competitive nature. Construct-PV defines an integrated approach that streamlines the value chain by introducing BIM and CAD/CAM tools that enables customisable mass production by providing all the actors in the value chain with access to the same information. Thus, Construct-PV will be friendly for the majority of SMEs in the building value chain. Demonstration activities will cover each aspect of the value chain. Two large scale demonstration sites will allow architects to have the liberty to design solutions integrated with large districts. So, by choosing beautiful designed PV cell and module technology and by being customizable, Construct-PV is architect friendly.



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