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Consortium for Modern Language Teacher Education
Date du début: 1 déc. 2013,

The overarching goal is to review and modernize existing curriculae of Modern Language Teaching Education (MLT) Programs and provide continuous education to the language teacher community (full life cycle education). The reform encourages new partners from additional organizations and countries to join. Offerings by the consortium ultimately involve - a pool of academic web-based modules for professional development on subjects pertaining to modern language teaching which can be used and/or adapted by each project partner according to demand (e.g. translation into partners' languages)- and a training for instructors (teachers) on the web-based modules.In order to operate such a structure an electronic communication platform and learning management system (LMS) is needed and innovative modules need to be produced and administered. The system will be centrally administered but will be accessible by each partner (for retrieval and input). In addition, a training concept for instructors will be elaborated and implemented during the project duration in order to provide expertise to the project members for teaching with the web-based modules in a blended learning format. Moreover, both students enrolled in the MLT-programs and people currently in the work force will benefit from the web-based modules during the project life time, as they should be implemented in real running M.A. courses in Azerbaijan and Belarus. In this way, extensive training on modern language teaching pedagogy and methodology, on leading research on applied cognitive linguistics and language acquisition, on the use of media in language learning and teaching, on the mechanics of and processes in intercultural communication, and on the fostering of key competence will be provided to the target groups. Finally, the project will develop a strategy plan with follow-up activities that should ensure a long-term impact of the created web-based modules in the partner countries.



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