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Date du début: 1 oct. 2015, Date de fin: 30 sept. 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

C.J.R.A.E. (The County Centre for Educational Resources and Assistance) of Iasi represents an institution gathering information and actions from all the schools in the county, its activity profile having a huge importance and meaning for the educational system as a whole. The centre supports and encourages children, students, parents, teachers and other members of the local community in order to build a valuable life, stimulating the potential of every person for a better integration in school, career and in social life. The main objectives of these projects were based on the analysis of the needs of this institution, having 3 major coordinates: optimization/improvement of the quality of services offered by CJRAE in adult education domain, personal and professional development at a European level of the specialists working in the centre and the development of active partnerships, both local and European. Our institution involved 26 participants (school counsellors and speech therapists) directly in the European training programs. These specialists have a good professional background and interest in their personal development; they usually work with a big number of recipients: parents and teachers (from the pre-primary up to the high-school level), volunteers, members of local community. The chosen courses have been carefully selected and suit their individual needs for professional development: 'The Impact of Parental Involvement, Parental Support and Family Education on Pupil Achievements', 'Parents&Teachers Strategies for working together' and 'Key competences in socio-cultural and educational inclusion of disadvantaged groups'. In each step of the project (Preparing phase, Participating, Follow-up and dissemination, Implementing and Evaluating) both the participants and course providers are involved. The participants have been fully involved in the stages of preparation, follow-up & dissemination as well as in the implementation of new knowledge and skills, as main beneficiaries of the project. A high responsibility was assigned to the course providers during all the three courses, in order to transfer a maximum of benefits to the receivers. To ensure that these new competencies and skills will be directly applied in the current professional activities of the participants and the transfer in practice and policies of the institution will be realized, we considered: - Reflection and team-working: the participation as a team at these courses provided a time for in-group debate and reflection; this ensured that the following activities, from dissemination to final evaluation,had a greater visibility and will be more representative at an institutional level. The participating groups made a crossed exchange of information and knowledge, in order to ensure an efficient transfer towards the colleagues who did not attend the courses directly. The participants sustained each other in all project's stages, therefore the impact of these courseshas been more significant for the entire community of CJRAE specialists. - The transfer of good practices and reinforcement of specialists network at European level: the whole endeavour of this project in terms of follow-up pursued the transfer of knowledge, information, methods and techniques, procedures and practice towards our own system and our own specialists. We tried to implement as much as possible of the whole information and competencies acquired during the courses; at the institutional level, this has been done by unitary techniques and procedures; also, the implementation has been addressed at an individual level, by our current practice in counselling and therapy offices. We performed a complete evaluation process, using qualitative and quantitative indicators, formal standardized instruments or informal methods, activity products, etc. For the final evaluation and follow-up activities on medium or long term, the most relevant indicator for the success of this project are considered to be an increased number of solved cases, the number of support groups, and the number of programmes offered by CJRAE for different kinds of target groups. Concerning the management and quality at the institutional level, one can consider this application as a reference from which one can measure the changes in a specific direction, as this project is the first one of his kind at the European level of cooperation. The improvement of the quality of services provided by school counsellors and speech therapists had a direct impact on the main beneficiaries of the adult education services: parents, families in risk situations, teachers, adults with low competencies, volunteers from various NGO cooperating constantly with CJRAE, local authorities and local community as a whole.



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