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Conflict Resolution Seminar
Date du début: 30 janv. 2015, Date de fin: 30 juil. 2015 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Due to the current situations that Europe and the world are facing, we see the raise of conflicts everywhere, in Iraq, in Ukraine, in Israel and so on at intense level. And underneath there's other issues coming like the lack of employment, the economical situation, the pressure of living in this conditions and also affects youngsters and youth workers. These are common topics discussed in and out of projects in informal moments and ends up affecting all of us. All this situations also raise the inner conflicts and it spreads to outside, between youngsters and the society, making the work of youth workers more difficult. The NGO's face with these problems daily, having also conflicts between the staff and youngsters. This project comes from the need to identify what causes a conflict and how to solve it and use it as a positive tool in daily life and work. The main activity is a seminar with the topic of Conflict Management that will be held in Pilisszanto (Budapest) from 8 to 16 of May 2015 (including travel days). It gathers 24 participants and staff from 10 countries (Hungary, Portugal, Italy, Spain, Ukraine, Bulgaria, Romania, Czech Republic, Poland and Greece), with ages from 18 to 30 years old (mainly). These participants will be youth workers or staff involved in youth organizations. The methods used are non-formal like presentations, team games, energizers, role play games, debates, forum theatre, evaluations and others. The active participation of all is empowered and needed. The objectives of the project are the following: - Gather a group of youth workers that will share and learn methods and tools of conflict management in a intercultural environment - Raise the awareness of how the conflicts start and the differences between people and cultures. - Provide practical tools of conflict management and share common concerns among NGO's and youth workers. - Facilitate to participants the acquisition of a positive attitude towards conflict and the use of it as positive tool of transformation - Promove the cooperation between youth workers and NGO's - Facilitate to partipants the acquistion of skills to act as mediators in conflict resolution situations and how to use it with youngster and in youth work We hope that also changes the behaviour of the participants towards a wider understanding of conflict and how to solve it, so they can act locally. Especially with the partner of Ukraine where it's a hot topic and the impact can be bigger. Their contribution to the project will also help other countries and people to understand better what is the reality in their region and country, and the importance of being able to mediate and manage conflicts. Overall we expect to cause impact in organizations, youth workers and other people interested in conflict management, raising their knowledge about this topic. Also we will cause impact in all the youngsters that will benefit with the knowledge and skills acquired by the participants, that will use in their work. At long term many people can bennefit with the skills and knowledge acquired by the participants, since they will keep them during their life, helping youngsters and organizations. The project itself has the potential to empower the participants to share more information about conflict management and act as multipliers.



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