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Conflict resolution in practice
Date du début: 1 août 2015, Date de fin: 31 janv. 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The main activity within the project was the training course "Conflict Resolution in Practie". The training course was aimed at at promotion of peaceful conflict resolution through engagement in an international dialogue. The idea of the training course arose taking into consideration a current situation in Europe with conflicts' escalation there is/was a need to equip youth workers and youth leaders with new tools to work with young people in the conflict-risk communities or to prevent possible conflicts. In the news every day we are encountered by hundreds of headlines loaded with the messages related to conflict, troubles, confrontation, opposition, war... Globalisation and global conflicts are a part of everyday life. By bringing together youth leaders from different countries and cultures, we hoped to increase their understanding of concept of peace and non-violence, awareness of conflict, and help them develop paths towards resolution. The youth leaders represented their countries and communities, and it was expected that they would return to those communities, bringing with them and furthering the understanding peace and conflict resolution that they will have acquired. The objectives of the training course were: to exchange and raise awareness about different levels where conflict can occur - international, regional, group and organizational; to help the participants develop competences needed for using different tools to develop common understanding for conflict transformation and ways of addressing it; to raise the awareness of the participants about conditions under which conflicts arise in multicultural settings; to develop effective methods to address conflict among young people through fostering their active participation; to discuss conflict's problematic within human rights framework; to facilitate networking between participants; to develop new initiatives for and with young people to address conflicts on different levels; to familiarize the participants with common terminology of transformation and its language; to raise the visibility of Erasmus+ program in Eastern Europe. 29 participants (including 6 trainers/facilitators) from Belarus, Denmark, Georgia, Czech Republic, Moldova, Sweden, Spain and Ukraine took part in the training. Among the participants of the training were youth workers, trainers and educators who had direct access to young people to multiply new experience and skills in their communities. All activities used during the training course corresponded its objectives. The activities were based on the methods of non-formal, intercultural and experiential learning: role-play simulations, group work and discussions, brainstorming, team-building and trust building activities, energizers, ice-breakers, getting to know each other activities, intercultural night, reflection groups. All parts of the program were interconnected and intertwined. It started with getting and accumulating knowledge and finished with its application in practice. As a result of the project the participants acquired new knowledge and skills in conflict resolution using non-violent approach and methods. The participants developed their own project ideas for peace building and conflict's resolution activities adapted to their own communities and target groups. Another achievement of the training course was a local event organized by the participants: a photo reportage with the locals around the city. Its result became a photo exhibition "Last time I was happy when ..." which was visited by over 160 people. Thus, the project had an extra impact on the local community.



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