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Conflict Management tools for youth workers
Date du début: 1 janv. 2015, Date de fin: 30 nov. 2015 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

On an everyday basis, youth workers are dealing with conflicts. They are in touch with youngsters, sponsors and authorities. They ‘move’ in different local cultures, effectively as a mediator between different interests. It makes their work most valuable, as they are usually also working with vulnerable groups. On a daily basis they deal with many visions, which do not always go hand in hand with each other. For a youth worker it is essential to manage these interests, with respect to all parties. Conflict Management tools are needed for youth workers, to deal with different interests in the organization of their work, with the reflection of international crises on youth and the society, and with conflicts young people experience. Many youth workers are making use of conflict transformation skills in these situations already, but without a proper training. They gained these skills ‘along the way’, but given the impact, it would be most necessary to take a close look at this aspect of their work and to gain insights from professionals on Conflict Management. This training aimed to develop competences (skills, knowledge and attitudes) of youth workers in the field of Conflict Management and to disseminate the results of the training course in a concise introductory guide on Conflict Management for youth workers. The objectives were: To explore the situations in which youth workers face conflicts To understand the causes of conflicts youngsters are dealing with and how it reflects youth work To introduce different Conflict Management tools (conflict mapping, co-operation solutions, non-violent communication, negotiation and mediation) To experience different activities for conflict management in youth work from different perspectives, both as a facilitator and as a participant To discuss the best practises of conflict management in youth work To find out the limits of conflict management in youth work To produce and promote an attractive introductory guide on conflict management for youth workers Twenty four youth workers from 12 countries participated (Belgium, Croatia, Cyprus, Denmark, Estonia, Macedonia, Portugal, Romania, Turkey, Netherlands, Armenia and Georgia. The working methods were non-formal, with brain storms, simulations, role plays, energisers etc.



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