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Conectando el Mediterráneo
Date du début: 5 mai 2015, Date de fin: 5 mai 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Conecting the Mediterranean is a project that has a total duration of 24 months, including preparation and evaluation, and it involves 3 organisations from Spain, Portugal and Greece and 2 young volunteers who will be hosted in Kalamata, Greece for 9 months, and in Sierra de Aire from July 2015. The EVS volunteers will be involved in the activities by taking part of working teams that are formed by workers, technicians, and local volunteers from the host organizations, responsible for those activities. The tasks develop by the EVS volunteers will contribute to the development of several phases of the activities, since the preparation until its evaluation. The integration of international volunteers in the several working teams, constituted not only by other volunteers (young people) but also older people, will encourage the knowledge and respect for other cultures. It will bring a valuable asset and enhance the preparation, organization and development of projects and activities with the target group of people from different cultural, social, geographic and economic backgrounds. Volunteers will have the support and accompaniment of monitors and specialized professionals that will be present during all the project and will give help regarding the development of the activities foreseen for this project in a successful way and therefore creating a positive outcome of the presence of the volunteers in this project allowing them to acquire and develop some practical skills, knowledge in the environmental area and develop some social and cultural skills trough moments for personal and integrational support that will occur throughout the volunteers stay. This project also intends to develop several formative actions in the intercultural sphere that beside the multidisciplinary role (environmental resource approach, citizenship, habits and good environmental practices) set a common axle that is the environmental protection, tolerance and the increase of life quality. In the other hand the project has several activities such as environmental awareness and interpretation actions, a centre of environmental service, biological goods, packing and clothes reutilization which main goal is the connection with the local community that is indispensable for the project success. This project also promotes art, culture and multimedia as tools to achieve active participation of young people and involvement in social and democratic life and in parallel to enhance youth creativity and expression, through audiovisual and artistic activities.



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