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Concrete jungle: urban gardening - youth work tool for social inclusion of refugees & local youth with fewer opportunities
Date du début: 2 mai 2016, Date de fin: 1 déc. 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The project “Concrete jungle: urban gardening - youth work tool for social inclusion of refugees & local youth with fewer opportunities” was born out of necessity, as Kulturlabor T&E is already developing such initiatives as urban gardening for social inclusion and other refugees support activities, we experienced directly the need for a deeper understanding on how to better approach and effectively help in a successful integration of young migrants/refugees and other marginalized/disprivileged minorities. It addresses the urgent issues of European migration situation, social inclusion of young refugees, active participation, climate change and youth work quality, also outlined as the priorities of ERASMUS + program and EC youth policy guidelines.The project “Concrete jungle” is a youth worker mobility partnership between the applicant organisation Kulturlabor Trial&Error e. V. and other 11 collectives, representing Germany, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Finland, Slovakia, Hungary, Greece, Albania, Jordan and Egypt. The main aim of the project is to rise the quality of youth work tackling the European migration crisis and climate change by bridging tools of urban gardening and social inclusion of young people with fewer opportunities, especially refugees.We plan to reach the project aim by following objectives:1. To raise awareness on the subjects, create an European learning exchange space and Networking.2. To empower youth workers, especially on working competences within the target groups difficulties such as social inclusion, integration and cultural adaptation.3. To develop a concept on urban gardening as a tool for social inclusion of young refugees and other youth marginalized minorities.4. To observe the concept possibilities of implementation from the learning work outcome of partner organizations, collect and process feedbacks.5. To reflect on the concept and share practical tools and techniques for urban gardening as an youth work tool for social inclusion.6. To extract and disseminate the knowledge gathered and created on project topics.7. To ignite political awareness and public discussion on thematics.“Concrete jungle” will be composed by 2 complementary activities due to the complexity and amount of topics we see as indispensable for an in-depth comprehensive program, where we will analyze profoundly many concepts such as: youth work, social inclusion, marginalized minorities integration, privilege, access to learning, trauma, cultural identities, conflict management, non-violent communication, tolerance, community building, urban gardening active citizenship, public space, active citizenship etc.;The project objectives will be achieved through implementation and dissemination of two activities:seminar - 6 days long - 12th to 18th of June 2016 - theoretical knowledge, common definition of concept,training course - 9 days long - 4th to 13th of August 2016 - tools and techniques.In total project will involve 78 participants from Program and Partner countries, from those one fourth will be people with fewer opportunities, the activities will take place in Berlin, Germany.With “Concrete jungle” we strive to establish a strong network with an holistic approach to social inclusion/integration through urban gardening, combining and exchanging in non-formal education tools with partners expertises, cultural and sociopolitical contexts; we will increase the quality of youth work by exploring the possibility of creating new transdisciplinary approaches on how to creatively address current European challenges such as migration influx, social integration and climate change.The project will not only to disseminate itself by a transnational implementation of urban community gardens for youth social inclusion in authorized public spaces,where it directly reaches the local community, becoming thus a powerful multiplier for active citizenship and change agents. Nevertheless among partners we plan to carefully document all program process and content envisioning a subsequent free share publication (ex.pdf) as an instruction kit on how to start up your own local community garden for social integration of youth migrants and other disprivileged minorities tips and tricky situations advices.Therefore “Concrete jungle: urban gardening - youth work tool for social inclusion of refugees & local youth with fewer opportunities” project as the potential to be an igniter for more pop-up urban garden amongst Europe for social inclusion benefiting not only the integration and empowerment of young migrants/refugees and other youth disprivileged minorities, but also to promote a participative role on environmental crises reversal.



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