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Date du début: 1 oct. 2015, Date de fin: 30 sept. 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The project is called: "EUROPEAN COMPETENCIES IN TOURISM"; The overall objective is to develop for students professional and personal skills to work in hotel establishments, for students from the tourism and food -domain ,in order to facilitate their transition from school to work, facilitating their insertion in the local market labor of tourism; The specific objectives are subsumed under this general objective: 1. To develop skills in the reception, accommodation of the hotel unit providing specific services for 15 students from the Tourism- domain through practical training at European level; 2. Facilitating the transition from school to work for 15 students from the Tourism- domain through practical training that opens a wide range of employment opportunities in their professional future; 3. Develop the language skills of students in tourism; 4. Knowledge, understanding and acceptance of European cultural diversity and entrepreneurship, present and future.  The target group consists of 15 students from the basic training: Tourism , eleventh grade, level 3 qualification through practical training. Period of the internship will be in the next school year, 2015-2016, during 3 weeks from 30th May to 19th June 2016; Organizations receiving involved in this are: Istituto Comprensivo Pascoli / CTP and MOTELAPPIA SAS Hotel (Appia Palace); The activities students will do through 3 weeks of internship with specific activities of hotel units on compartments: Reception, Restaurant, Kitchen;The internship activities will be interspersed every weekend cultural program by sightseeing and linguistic preparation of the first week;   The project results are: -Professional results: 15 students from the tourism - Domain will be able to receive guests and provide them according to their needs and requirements, and professional standards in the field; -Language results : 15 students from the tourism - Domain can hold a professional conversation with different types of customers in English / Italian ,familiarizing themselves with the specialized terminology; -Social and inter-cultural results: 15 students from the tourism - Domain will join the international hotel industry specific atmosphere and will socialize with people belonging to other cultures and civilizations, understanding and practicing the principle of ethnic and cultural diversity; -Personal/cultural results: 15 students from the tourism - Domain will be able to create and maintain professional relationships with clients and colleagues, will practice different techniques of conflict management and stakeholder expectations, while developing life skills; -15 Students will receive certificates of participation in vocational training courses at European and Europass mobility certificate. The project's impact has a European level because it ensures the placement of transnational cooperation between educational institutions thus increasing European dimension of education, and through collaboration with social partners in the tourism workforce according to the requirements of the knowledge of economy and the needs of the tourism sector;   Relevance of the project in the context of national education is reinforced by the fact that the project contributes to the foundation of education on personal and professional development needs of students in terms of ensuring sustainable development and economic and social cohesion; ensure quality of education and national education system compatible with the European education and training, development of individualized training programs for trainees, implementation programs euopene tools to ensure recognition of qualifications.



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