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Competente de Intretinere si Depanare PC, prin Mobilitate Europeana
Date du début: 1 sept. 2015, Date de fin: 31 août 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The project "PC Maintenance and Troubleshooting Competences through European Mobility" (EU- COM 4 PC) continues the partnership established between the sending organization – "Nicolae Titulescu" National College, the host organization - Escola Secundaria de Barcelos ( Portugal ) and the intermediary organization - Associação Amigos da Intercultural Mobilidade ( Portugal). The success of the project will be provided through the partners’ establishment and compliance of commitment to quality, of the rules specific to the project management in all phases of its development (preparation, mobility, follow- up) , through ensuring cooperation, communication and constant monitoring and evaluation of the project progress. "Nicolae Titulescu" National College, certified as European School since 2007 within the national competition organized by the Ministry of Education, was and is the beneficiary of various community programs of education, being concerned to offer its students formal or non-formal European learning contexts, in which to develop their key skills and, therefore, facilitate their academic, professional and social success. The college offer of programs in the field of informatics/ICT is a rich and diverse one, but not enough to cover all the needs of its direct beneficiaries in this area and to ensure academic and professional success. The college has developed and is still developing programs internationally recognized for their quality: ECDL, Cisco or Oracle, but none of them offers training for the transmission of knowledge and development of skills for creating web pages. For students of mathematics and informatics specialization, the participation in the qualifying examination of professional competence is not mandatory, but the statistics which refers to the participation shows great interest in the students' computer literacy skills certification according to the Ministry of National Education methodology of professional certification. Within the examination for obtaining the certificate, students present the project they have done, the theme being the using of high technologies in hardware and software fields. As the training of students in this field was done only in the ninth grade, for 18 hours, their training is not sufficient for the formation of skills for creating Web pages, according to the requirements of the exam and for good professional performance in the field. Therefore, the main objective of the project is to provide support for students from mathematics and informatics specialization for the development and recognition of their digital skills, by participating in a traineeship in the creation of web pages in Escola Secundaria de Barcelos , both for achieving immediate school success - getting the certificate of professional competence in informatics with improved outcomes , and to provide improved career prospects. The project will develop both students’ language skills through the use of English throughout the traineeship and entrepreneurial skills through the development and presentation of projects designed to achieve digital identity elements for real clients, promoters of tourism in the district of Barcelos . In addition, other categories of key skills will be developed: social skills, cultural awareness and expression, ability to learn the learning process, essential in a society based on knowledge and innovation. The project activities consist of: - preparation (practical arrangements, selecting participants , establishing agreements with partners and participants, cultural preparation, the participants’ and accompanying teachers’ general preparation before the mobility ) ; - Implementation of the mobility activity - the traineeship in the field of web pages created in Escola Secundaria de Barcelos ( 2 flows, 18 participants / flow, 2 accompanying teachers/ flow ) ; - Follow-up (the evaluation of activities, the recognition of the participants’ results during the activity, the dissemination and valorization of the project outcomes ) . In May 2016, the 36 participants in the mobility project (girls and boys ) will be students in the 11th form, in the sciences profile, mathematics – informatics. In 2016-2017, they will take the qualifying examination for informatics with improved outcomes, given the fact that the project presented within the examination will be done during the traineeship in Barcelos, Portugal . The project will produce a significant impact on students, partner institutions, local and wide community, contributing both to students’ professional and personal development, the institutional and community development and to the achievement of the Erasmus + Programme aims.



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