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Comparison of construction sector curricula for easy work placement

The aim of 2 years partnership (EE, LT, LV, IT, FIN) project was to improve the vocational training by modifying and developing construction field curricula, facilitate free movement of builders from one country to another and enable work placement for VET students in abroad. The object through which to achieve the aim was to unify the information and knowledge, skills and work safety demands in construction sector of partner countries. During 2 years teachers and company trainees had all together 5 study visits (one to each partner country). These study visits consisted 1) visiting construction sites with aim to find differences in technologies and methodology and also in safety demands, 2) preparation for the students placement and 3) visiting vocational training centers to acquaint partners with local educational system. Compulsory part of these visits were the meetings of project team and planning next period. Between visits all partners worked hard on their homework (researching, mapping, translating, etc). After each study visit the evaluation was carried out to measure the effectiveness of study trip itself and also the project activities and management. Dissemination after study visits was carried out through the articles in local newspapers or on partner organization web-pages or during round-tables/meetings. As the result of this work all project results were reached and are available in 6 languages in project website Additionally the research of materials used in construction,presentations about local VET system and qualification system; overviews about construction sector and how to get job in partner countries were made and presented and are also available on web page. The strong network of training institutions and companies for facilitating work placement for VET students was formed. According to final project evaluation all partners mentioned that participants became stronger in European LLL competencies and etc.



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