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Community Mediation for Youth
Date du début: 1 mars 2016, Date de fin: 1 mars 2018 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The project is based on the topics of community mediation and participative policy-making processes. Community mediation is an approach to manage and transforms conflicts through fostering communities’ involvement within policy-making processes. The main aim of the project is to propose community mediation as a policy in youth work and in E+ Program. For this reason, a two-years long pilot project is proposed, where consortium members and local communities stakeholders are actively involved in the testing and implementing of community mediation approach within youth work. The specific objectives are: - to acquire the methodology of community mediation and apply it to improve and strengthen consortium’ capacity to intervene in local contexts- to foster the use of tools promoting youth active participation in the non profit sector, in volunteering and youth organizations- to enable youth NGOs to act as relevant stakeholders and potential ambassadors of motions of local community and young people- to test community mediation in the field of youth active participation and to share best practices and methodologies for its design, implementation and evaluation- to foster strategic cooperation between youth organizations in the education and training sectors through the exchange of best practices and the mixing of organizational patterns and ways of working- to increase youth organizations’ capabilities in the field of education and training through the tools provided by Erasmus+ Programme. The project foresees the following activities: a kick-off meeting, a TC in Europe, a TC in Latin America, a set ofstudy visits in Latin America and different EVS periods lasting 6 months each. Two final TCs will follow, one in Latin America and one in Europe.Participants will explore community mediation approach and understand how to apply it in local communities both during TCs and through EU youth workers’ study visits in Latin America, where community mediation approach has first developed.EVS volunteers, after a two-months training period within their sending organization, will further promote the implementation of community mediation approach in the local community where they will support the setting up of a community mediation event. Other outputs of the project are a website and a handbook on community mediation, that will contain project materials and experiences, together with research contributions, on community mediation and participatory decision-making processes.