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Community Leadership
Date du début: 1 janv. 2016, Date de fin: 30 sept. 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

An increase in the quality of youth work is a long-term goal of the EU and subsequent the program Erasmus+. This project addresses the issue of low quality of youth work with a bottom-up approach. By educating youth workers on how to prevent and overcome problems and obstacles with youth work, the youth workers and organisations can focus on the actual work of what is needed and intended to do. This will not only increase the quality of youth work, but also peace-of-mind of the youth workers by not having to worry or think on problems and with that are less tired and more motivated to do the actual work.The Training Course “Community Leadership” is jointly organized by the Belarussian and Dutch partners with the aim to give youth workers tools and ideas how to combate obstacles and issues and to improve the quality of NGO projects by using the skills and techniques learned. It will in the end also make the participanting organisations stronger as they will have beter trained and skilled members/youth workers.We will use previous experiences from the participating youth workers and organisations on obstacles, problems and other things influencing the quality of youth work. These will be addressed throughout the week in the different topics, the training will address. Examples which can be used in European Youth projects instead of very generic examples. This will fall under the umbrella of leadership, but it will be used to explain, discuss and learn a lot more.The 'social' part is in the discussions on problems, obstacles, quality and leadership: it will create mutual understanding between the Eastern and the Western European participants. By understanding each other, it will become more easy to communicate and cooperate. During this training, 30 participants (+staff) from 6 different countries will be trained in the necessary skills, tools and tactics for improving quality of youth work bottom-up. The participants will also be meeting peer youth workers, exchanging cultures and experiences, and discovering ones strenghts and weaknesses. This training will last a week in Groningen (approx. April 2016) and will require a very active attitude from the participants and will be very intensive.



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