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Community Counteracting radicalisation
Date du début: 1 oct. 2015, Date de fin: 30 sept. 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The overall aim of the project is to contribute to improving the prevention efforts against militant islamist radicalisation and extremism among young Muslims. Furthermore, the overall aim is to strengthen young Muslims active citizenship and to build a sustainable bridge between local Muslim communities and prevention professionals in order to improve collaboration, cohesion and efficiency in the efforts to empower young Muslims to active citizenship on democratic terms. We seek to break down the mutual distrust and make use of the knowledge, credibility and trust that local Muslim communities hold about the local youth in risk of being radicalised. Thus the CoCoRa project will develop and test a new prevention strategy that involves civil and local Muslim communities actively in the prevention of radicalization through the process of empowering young Muslims to feel affiliation and positive citizenship. The community-based CoCoRa Prevention Strategy will be composed of three partial programs which will be detailed described step-by-step in a sample of methodical handbooks in order to ensure the concrete transfer value and utility for future prevention projects based on the community collaborative approach: The CoCora Collaborative Program to establish and anchor the local collaboration The CoCoRa Prevention Program to empower and qualify youngsters to assume the socalled self-including citizenship The CoCora Ambassador Program to train the youngsters to present the programs and their own empowered narratives for l practitioners and other stakeholders in the professional prevention efforts as well as for other young Muslims and representatives from Muslim communities facing the same need for a participartory initiatives. The aims and objectives of the CoCoRa project represents an innovative perspective on the approach and methods used in the general European efforts to prevent and respond to young Muslims radicalization and increased sympathies for militant Islamist groups. The CoCoRa project provides an innovative approach by developing and implementing a prevention strategy, built on 1) the active involvement of and collaboration with local civil Muslim communities and 2) the systematic linking of deradicalisation and empowerment to active citizenship on democratic terms. In summary, in the CoCoRa project we will build and anchor the prevention strategy on the direct collaboration and the insight, resources, credibility and trust within local Muslim communities in order to prevent and counteract radicalization from the inside, so to speak. Furthermore, we want to adopt an empowerment and equality approach to the prevention strategy in order to relate the deradicalisation closely to the perspective of an equal and active citizenship.



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