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Communities of Practice in Education
Date du début: 1 sept. 2014, Date de fin: 31 août 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The project entitled CoPE (Communities of practice in education) aims at creating an on line instrument destined to monitor and evaluate the practical training of the students in several specializations from healthcare education field, offering in the same time an overview on the evolution of the students during their training and the performance of the schools in time. PRAX-Manager, the software developed in the project will be developed, tested and documented during the project lifetime, in local context, in the daily activities of other partner schools and in transnational mobilities for students. The project also aims at creating the room for the exchange of good practices in healthcare education, by organizing common teaching and learning activities among teachers and students and by comparing and further developing the educational resources used in training by the partners. The main reason for developing this project was the need to make more efficient the infrastructure among the schools ( tutors, teachers, management), the students and the workplaces ( staff responsible for tutoring and supervisors) by using an on-line instrument that allows a proper monitoring and evaluation of the activities performed during the practical training and permits interventions in real time. At the end of each training period, the schools will be able to summarize the results and draw conclusions on how to improve the quality of the activities in the practical training and to offer documented feed-back to the practice institutions. Another need met by the project is the need to improve cooperation among schools organizing training programs in healthcare education, to exchange good practice and to learn from each other. There have been several initiatives in this way, mainly mobilities for students and VET professionals but we could hardly talk about a constant cooperation which might lead to more complex projects and results. The project will contribute not only to the institutional development but will directly involve and positively affect the end-users of educational services and the future employers, which will act as co-developers of the instrument, ensuring in the same time the testing of the final results. As regards the teaching and learning activities in the partner institutions, these will be peer learning activities for the teachers, based on previously established themes and contents and will consist of participation in debates and practical workshops. The blended mobilities for students will consist in practical training periods undertaken abroad, in the partner institutions, monitored and evaluated with PRAX-Manger, ensuring thus the testing of the instrument in a transnational context. The software created within the project, called also PRAX-Manager, will have an important capacity of multiplication in other schools being an open source, user-friendly tool. It could also be used in mobility projects and will contribute to planning and organizing the activities, as well as in the evaluation of the results. Another result will be an on-line instrument, called CoPE, a platform that will create the room for discussions and sharing of good practices in education, focusing on evaluation. Each partner will contribute to the content of this collection of tools and methods used in the evaluation of HC students. The project is also welcome in the light of the increasing mobility in healthcare field, contributing to the diversity of the educational resources in several languages. The project idea is innovative as it is the expected main product, opening up new opportunities and facilitating the work of all stakeholders in HE education- schools, students, tutors and practical institutions.



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