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"Communication the way to success"
Date du début: 20 août 2015, Date de fin: 20 nov. 2015 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The project "Communication the way to success" is an initiative of young people working in the partner organizations. The project's theme reflects the interests and problems we encounter in our work. We want to train communication skills in order to improve the performance of the organization's work, and to improve our self-awareness, relationships at work, team, community. Participants will be aged 18-28. Place : Warszawa 10-17.09.2015 Interpersonal communication covers a wide range of skills useful to everyone, regardless of age, gender, and profession. Our project includes a series of workshops for young people working in NGOs, non-formal groups. We want to improve our relationships and effectiveness of its communication with people. Methods included in the project are: - Personal experience- learning through role play - psychodrama and pantomimy- simulations and case studies- interaction- didactic exercises and games - presentations- moderated discussions - friendly and safe atmosphere -work in groups Games and integration activities. -communication workshop entitled: Efficient communication as a tool for understanding and sharing good team spirit and objectives of the organization; The role of leadership in coordinating communication within the team and between teams - interactive, simple, friendly and efficient communication system. Showing the best systems of communication in team work- role play - psychodrama and pantomime; Pragmatic model of interpersonal communication. Techniques to build and maintain relationship. Representation systems (visual, auditory, and kinesthetic) Body Language: tone of voice, facial expressions and gestures; Error "I" - an effective tool for understanding; communication without violence - how to encourage others to empathy?; The expression of emotions : energy body and precision of expression; Art of Negotiation and compromise; Metacomunication, communication workshops "Sure communication plans and timely feedback on their implementation and deviations", "communication and good interpersonal relationships, the atmosphere and the culture of cooperation". Workshop- Communication and bright transfer of information and motivation and commitment of team members. The role of motivation in the team. Objectives: Development among the participants the art of self presentation - Further increase of contact and listening skills -Motivate and influence through body language - non-verbal communication - development of consciousness self, others in the process of interpersonal communication extending the remit of non-governmental organizations working in the field of project implementation -Presenting own person and getting to know others; - The development of one's personality; - An increase in contacts with other people; - The development of skills to influence the behavior of other people; - To influence the beliefs and attitudes of other people; - The development of skills to confront ideas and concepts; - The development of skills to inspire some action and cooperation; - Development of the ability to speak about himself -replacement experience of cooperating with NGOs participants learn the basic skills necessary to work with a group -Integration of European youth - include young people with fewer opportunities -Increase language competence among participants -broadening inform the participants on communication in Europe -broadening knowledge of interpersonal communication among participants -development of coordination and organization skills among participants -development knowledge of the participants on intercultural dialogue -broadening knowledge of working in a group, division of labor, responsibilities - youth participation -broadening participants' knowledge about other cultures and countries of the EU. - broadening the knowledge of participants on the work of the various techniques of communication -Increase organizational skills, logistics, coordinating among young people involved in the project - Developing a sense of solidarity among young people -promotion of tolerance among young people, in particular in order to strengthen social cohesion in the European Union -deepening mutual understanding between young people from different countries -strengthening European citizenship among young people



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