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Communication Challenge
Date du début: 1 juin 2015, Date de fin: 31 déc. 2015 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

"Communication Challenge" is a training course organized by Young Steps Youth Club for young people in order to create and develop effective communication between NGOs and unemployed youth in local community in order to achieve a desirable social change. The main activity has took place on 04-10th of October, 2015 in Cesme, Turkey. The project brought together 24 participants from 12 countries: Turkey, Slovenia, Georgia, Armenia, Moldova, Ukraine, Romania, Italy, Greece, Czech Republic, Lithuania and Portugal. The main objectives of the project: - To learn how to use new media in everyday NGO’s work; - To foster cooperation between NGOs and governmental employment services; - To provide cooperation between NGOs in the field of youth unemployment; - To promote the Erasmus+ Programme in the perspective of opportunities for youth. This training course is designed for youth leaders and youth workers, interested in new and social media as a communication tool, representing NGOs which work with the problem of youth unemployment in their local communities. The project is based on learning-by-doing experience, built on workshops, info sessions, simulation games, evaluations, practical assignments, group activities, practicing, modeling, etc., in the same time creativity will be the main tool to approach these topics for young people. The training course is built on using the non-formal education methodology as this is the best way to learn in a large intercultural team. We focused on the personal and social development of young people, as trainers we gave the space for creativity, to communication, to build teams, to make decisions, to understand issues while working together. These actions was facilitated by professional youth workers, as well as media workers. However, we emphasized that young people should make most of it by active participating in the program and even creating parts of it. During the training participants developed their professional, communication and presentation skills by working alone and in groups to foster creation of the own projects for their communities, and got the oportunity to gain and/or develop all the 8 key competences of life long learning. The participants learned how to communicate with their target group, how to use new media in youth work and in the work of their organizations, how to make successful campaigns and how to implement them in the work of their organizations.



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