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Common spirit
Date du début: 1 mars 2011,

The main activity will be group EVS, including 13 volunteers from 6 different countries: Argentina, Paraguay, Mexico, Hungary, Poland and Czech Republic. From 1 country there is one organisation (excluding Mexico, where we have 2 partners) taking part, sending and hosting 2 volunteers. The duration of each EVS activity will be 9 months (Excluding Mexico, due to realities of the project it was expended till 12 motnhs). Before the EVS activities and after, each volunteer will participate in common meeting (Pre-departure and Evaluation) leaded by 2 experierifced trainers. After reaching hosting country each volunteer will also participate in On-arrival Training and Mid-term Training.The general idea of themes of EVS activities are minorities, understood in a wide range: ethnical, national, social, but also the groups of people that are in a threat of social exclusion - people with disabilities or youth in difficult life situation. We wanted to keep such a wide range of main theme, as thanks to this, we can all work in the fields we know the best and with youth, that we have experience in working. We do believe that the theme on inclusion can be worked out in such diverse group.All our volunteers will work in different organisations, but for all of them main tasks will be help with daily activities of other workers, but also leading their own activities connected with interculturality. They should prepare some little workshops/exhibitions about their own cultures, to present to workers and local society. We would like this project to be a solid base for intercultural learning for volunteers, organisations and local society that the volunteers will work with.



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