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Commercialization of an Innovative Microfluidic Impedance-based Device for multi-parametric cell analysis (DIMIDplus)
Date du début: 1 oct. 2013, Date de fin: 31 mars 2015 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

This DIMIDplus Demonstration Action is a direct follow-on of the DIMID (286692, FP7-SME-2011) project. The DIMID project is successful, on time, in its second year finishing in Sep 2013 and both its efficiency and its potential are proven already. The work achieved so far is promising to reach the set objectives. The mode of collaboration among the SMEs is productive. The SMEs form a strong consortium with the potential to market also a complex high-tech product like DIMID. This represents a significant value for the industrial strength of Europe. The RTD's have done and are still doing an excellent job. What remains is that the SMEs themselves invest a common effort into the last mile of commercialization, which shall be realised within this Demonstration Activity scheduled for 18 months.The DIMID project will lead to the first prototypes of low-cost impedance-based cytometer suitable for non-spherical cells. Based on these prototypes the DIMIDplus consortium aims to commercialize a portable impedance-based microfluidic cytometer equipped with disposable chips.The consortium of the DIMIDplus project consists of all formerly involved SMEs (ZURICH, CELLIX, CYTOGNOS) and is complemented by LABS64 (IT provider, specialized in software quality, verification and testing) and AMPHASYS (single-cell electrical impedance technology leader and IPR holder) to commercialize the DIMID device and the electronic unit by verifying their performance, further testing to increase reliability, checking CE conformity and product packaging.



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