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Colors of our lives
Date du début: 1 août 2015, Date de fin: 31 juil. 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Youth exchange “Colors of our lives” will complete a cycle of 4 years of cooperation between - France-Crimée Lumière, Ukrainian partner organization from Crimea - VCV, Serbian partner from Province of Vojvodina - BDP, German organization from Baden-Württemberg - Gwennili, French partner from Brittany ADVANCE PLANNING VISIT We are planning a preparation meeting in July per skype. During this meeting we would like to discuss: - the programme details and to agree together on its pertinence concerning the objectives which were defined - the role of each partner during the project - the distribution of the tasks of each of them - the definition the appropriate pedagogical methods and rules - the finalization f the project - the material list YOUTH EXCHANGE This project is the last part of a multinational cooperation cycle which started in 2012 in France. The same partners worked together on the following project in Crimea, Ukraine in 2013 and Baden-Württemberg, Germany, in 2014. Our last projects were focused on the combined thematics "from the regional to the European identity" and "Environment, an ecological issue". The youth exchange will take place in the village of Mali Idjos in Vojvodine, Serbia from the 6th to the 16th of august 2015 (travel days included). It will give the opportunity to 32 youth from France, Ukraine, Germany and Serbia (8 per country) to participate to a European and intercultural project. Because of the political conflict which started in Ukraine in 2014, our partnership with France Crimée Lumière from Simféropol gives a stronger dimension to the cooperation and to the organisation of our youth exchange. Working with a partner from Crimea whose European projects became more than ever important to develop the European Awareness of Ukrainian and Crimean youth, take in this project a strong sens (the evaluation of the youth exchange who took place in Germany last summer already confirmed this position). That's why we agreed with all partners to keep working on the thematic "from the regional to European identity". This year the project is taking place in Vojvodine, with partners coming from specific regions with a strong culture: - Brittany in France, with a breton folk - Crimea, in Ukraine, with the tatar from Crimea - Baden-Württemberg in Germany, with the Swabian folk - Vojvodine, in Serbia, with a strong multiethnic folk (Roumanian, Serbian, Hungarians, Croatians, Ukrainians etc......) For this reason we would like to add the ethnical diversity dimension to the project. We would like to take the opportunity to organise such a project in Vojvodine to explore this particular region of Serbia, discover and share with its ethnic and cultural diversity. Then, the topic of the exchange was defined with all partner countries as "from regional to European identity including ethnical diversity". Every year, the partners meet at a cooperation meeting organized in France. In Paris last october, we discussed the following outcomes with our partners. - encourage linguistic learning interests - develop intercultural competences and raise awareness/critical mind about regional and European identity - improve individual skills, know-hows, self-confidence, sense of initatives, to enable them to integrate better in the society. - offer a short-term mobility experience to the young people, to lead to a longer one and develop a European citizenship - enable them to better integrate the society and develop careers ideas The specific goals of the projet : - raise awareness and critical mind about the regional and European identity - discover the ethnic diversity of Vojvodina - multiethnic and multicultural place - its culture and lifestyle - encourage intercultural learning through non-formal education - promote language learning and linguistic diversity - develop youth initiative



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