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Collective Research ERA-NET II (CORNET II)
Date du début: 1 mars 2008, Date de fin: 31 déc. 2010 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

"The principal objectives of CORNET II are to broaden, deepen and sustain the trans-national cooperation between programmes supporting Collective Research and thereby to build the CORNET brand. More specifically, our objectives are to: - establish a long-term sustainable structure for a continuously strengthened and extended collaboration on Collective Research across Europe (WP1); - increase the number of CORNET Calls for Proposals, their budgets, the number of funded projects etc. as well as ensure coordination with similar initiatives, e.g. the Framework Programme’s Research for SME Associations and the EraSME ERA-NET (WP2); - further expand the CORNET consortium to integrate new partners (WP3); - and to disseminate and communicate the benefits of Collective Research to all stakeholders (WP4). CORNET II will therefore consolidate the achievements of CORNET I. It will focus on the long-term strategic positioning and institutional anchoring of CORNET in the European Research Area, while strengthening joint operational activities, especially joint Calls. The core STRATEGIC GOALS of CORNET II by the end of the project are to: - achieve a sustainable state of integration among the CORNET partners in relation to the scientific, managerial and financial dimensions of joint programme management, including an appropriate form of common formal organisation, and - position CORNET long-term in the European Research Area, notably in dialogue with and in relation to the Framework Programme’s Research for SME Associations, including the possibility of becoming in time the principal or even sole vehicle for funding transnational Collective Research projects at European level."


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