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Collaborative Outdoors Learning / Go Out And Learn
Date du début: 1 sept. 2015, Date de fin: 31 août 2018 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

According to The Europe 2020 Strategy and considering the provisions of the Lisbon Treaty meant "encourage the participation of young people in democratic life in Europe", our project is precisely focused on all our students needs. We live in a very demanding society which is under the pressure of a strong economical crisis. As teachers we are responsible to give our students the best tools and strategies for them to built up their own knowledge and be more independent, autonomous and being capable of making the best decisions along their lifes. Collaborative Outdoors Learning / Go Out And Learn is our COOL / GOAL in order to satisfy all our students needs and provide them with this knowledge and the basic and transversal skills to enhance their significant learning and acquire a global sense of European cizitenship. Spain and Cyprus; Poland and Portugal already cooperated in previous Comenius projects with succesful experiences and results. The need to continue our collaboration in order to broaden our knowledge, together with the needs of our schools to improve with innovative methodologies has been crucial for the creation of the current project. Ireland, Italy and Greece showed similar needs and interests and joined us through the e-twinning platform. We are a total of seven countries in our partnership which had been chosen from our needs, interests, experience, knowledge and level of expertise in order to make it possible the achievement of the following main objectives: - Improve the basic and transversal skills. - Increase the linguistic competence. - Enhance innovative practices. - Take advantage of the environment for more significant and functional learning. - Acquire a global conscience as European citizens. - Use of ICT tools for cooperation and communication. - Acquire, compare and understand the curricula contents of each school country in order to adjust activities. - Use the collaborative learning as an inclusive methodology in our schools in order to give a positive response to all special needs. - Respect and consider diversity of languages, cultures, values, and ways of thinking. The proposed activities based on the aims and their achievement are being reflected throughout the project's implementation as well as in their results and final products. All the activities will be carefully designed according to the school subjects but taking advantage of our surroundings and with the implementation of collaborative learning methodology. Teachers and students will acquire these competences from the direct interaction on the mixed teams we are going to create in order to achieve our goals. This is how our project takes a new dimension because teachers and students will be working together even though their roles are going to be different in the teams. By the end of the third year we expect our students to have improved basic skills and transversal skills like linguistic compentence, presentation, investigation, critical thinking, creativity and collaboration. Students will be able to assume responsibility for their role in the project work, develop ability to plan and estimate progress, results and present own achievements. They will become more independent in their learning process. Students will develop more positive attitudes towards school and they will built up their knowledge from more significant learning. Furthermore, it will be more permanent and will be used as a base for the future. Besides, we will have a complete guide for Outdoors Education in different language and in English, a complete guide for Collaborative Learning methodology, an European corner or library corner at each partner school, an e-twinning project space with all the material and products, a playground place for the outdoor activities (e.g. a vegetable garden, games park, traffic corner,...), Newsletters of the project, articles in local press, videos from activities and meetings, exhibitions of students works, a COOL / GOAL Festival every year etwinning platform. The project will impact the school across the curriculum enhancing the level of teaching and making desirable learning outcomes more achievable through invigorated lessons. Each school will look to tailor their professional development based on the theme of outdoor education and using collaborative learning as methodology. The sharing of these experiences will create a domino effect that will trickle through the school. During our transnational meetings we will have discussed and checked the best strategies to make our results and products be used long after our collaboration is over. Furthermore a positive dynamism will be instilled throughout the project within and among the partner schools which will ensure the sustainability of the products and the methodologies implemented. Our Erasmus+ commissions will be established in each partner school and they will be responsible for ensuring their longlife sustainability.



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