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Collaborative Information Services for Container Management (COMCIS)
Date du début: 1 sept. 2011, Date de fin: 31 août 2013 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

"This project is about interoperability between e-freight systems that have been developed in previous EU projects as well as in commercial undertakings. We will therefore show how the following e-freight systems will be integrated: Logit 4SEE (resulting from Freightwise), Smart-CM Neutral Layer and ICS-SEAP (from Smart-CM), SICIS (from Integrity), Port Community Systems (e.g. from Descartes) and commercial platforms (e.g. from DHL). Based on this interoperable set of e-freight systems, shippers, beneficial cargo owners, LSPs as well as customs authorities will be offered information that will make logistics chains have shorter lead times and higher reliability. We will unlock valuable information that is available somewhere throughout the logistics chain. There are many data sources available which will be aggregated: Data from container security devices, port communities, logistics network, terminal operators, etc. In order to support decision processes in the logistics chain, we need to combine data sources and consolidate these data to valuable information. Having common project members, here COMCIS will use the approach developed earlier in the Freightwise project.Interoperability between systems is only useful if it leads to improved processes. COMCIS will therefore focus on better integration of customs processes, better interfaces between sea and hinterland, as well as better control on the hinterland part of the logistics chain which is often the largest cause of variability. For communication between abovementioned e-freight systems, we will use the common framework that is being developed in a cooperation between EU projects (Freightwise, e-Freight, Smart-CM, Integrity, Euridice, etc.) as well as industry driven initiatives like LIM of GS-1. Demonstrations will take place in 3 business cases through ports of Antwerp and Rotterdam."



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