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Collaboration for Research and Education in Automated Generation of Building Information Models (BIMAUTOGEN)
Date du début: 1 sept. 2011, Date de fin: 31 août 2015 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The research objective of this proposal is to facilitate international collaboration and transfer of knowledge between international partners and to validate the hypothesis that the novel framework presented in Fig. 1 can be successfully used to generate parametric building models of buildings almost entirely automatically. The proposal’s most significant contributions will be, not only the automation of several mundane and repetitive processes with the addition of visual and spatial pattern recognition concepts in the modelling workflow, but also the exchange of knowledge and the building of transatlantic research collaborations on cutting-edge and high-impact scientific projects through the exchange of interdisciplinary staff among partner institutions and joint training of research teams on thematic areas of common research interest. The partners on this IRSES proposal have strong complementarities in their research interests and activities, and have already established synergies in their research endeavors that call for further strengthening. The international collaboration component of the proposed endeavor relies on the significant amount of interactivity between pairs of project participants and for the duration of the effort, aiming at the establishment of a long term, working relationship between researchers from different fields and countries, but with common research interests. These partnerships will bring together the senior personnel and their graduate and undergraduate students, and indirectly promote cross-pollination of their national and professional cultures. Furthermore, these partnerships will formalize frequent reciprocal visits of young researchers (graduate students and early career faculty members), and help establish formal exchange programs for undergraduate student researchers wishing to acquire some international experience while doing research and taking courses abroad.



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