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Cold Spray Radical Solutions for Aeronautic Improved Repairs (CORSAIR) (CORSAIR)
Date du début: 1 juin 2013, Date de fin: 30 nov. 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

CORSAIR project is a wide investigation concerning the capabilities of Cold Spray Technology for maintenance and repair of aeronautic frames and components. Today, deep and systematic investigation in Cold Spray is required to better understand the capabilities and fully validate the technology in aeronautics. In this scenario, the activities planned in CORSAIR project are (1) Explore the real capabilities of Cold Spray in several practical examples of aeronautic repair applications; real components to be repaired will be selected by aeronautic companies and cold spray repair protocols defined during the project. A condensed list of the parts and repairs considered during the project includes the Repairs of New Parts: castings and machined parts exhibiting different kind of defects; and the Restoration of Serviced Parts and components. The Base and deposition Materials are Light Alloys such as Al, Ti and Mg alloys. Homogeneous Repair (repair where the deposited material is the same of the base material) and Heterogeneous Repair (repair where the deposited material is different with respect to the base material) will be considered. (2) deep investigate the coating and repair characteristics (mechanical, microstructural, thermal and chemical properties) in order to finely tune and define where Cold Spray could be further applied for maintenance and repair in aeronautics. (3) deep investigate the effect and the characteristics of feedstock materials required for deposition (4) to give the required reliability to the coating deposition and repair processes to validate the technology for aeronautic industry. (5) To surpass the actual technological limitations of line-in-sight Cold Spray deposition process developing new nozzles for out-of-view surfaces. (6) To develop a New Industrial Portable Cold Spray Unit to extend the capabilities of in situ maintenance and repair applications. CORSAIR has been previously submitted to AAT-2012-RTD-1 obtaining a score of 13/15.



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