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COGAN - Competency in Geotechnical Analysis

Modern geotechnical design is increasingly reliant on engineering analysis. However such techniques are barely covered in a university education and concerns persist surrounding inappropriate use of analysis tools by untrained staff. The construction industry employed an estimated 148 million in the EU-27 in 2007, generating €562 billion (NACE Rev.1.1). In order to face competition, particularly from emerging economies, the European construction industry must compete on a knowledge basis, in accordance with the Lisbon goal. Given that engineering analysis lies at the leading edge of knowledge in design, it is vitally important that engineers acquire the skills to make effective use of such tools. The COGAN project was directly aimed at addressing this need. The overall goal was to increase the competency of European geotechnical engineers that make use of numerical methods.The project was executed by a strong EU-wide partnership managed by NAFEMS - a unique not-for-profit company membership organization (& key EASIT member) with sound experience of such projects, and comprised of a university and 6 industry partners engaged in engineering analysis in the construction sector.



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