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Çocuk Gelişimi Öğrencileri için Avrupa'da "Uygulamalı Montessori Eğitimi"
Date du début: 1 juin 2015, Date de fin: 31 mai 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Our project "Practical Montessori Education for Child Development Students in Europe" want to address the issue for child development students to take Practical Montosorri Education in Europe countries. In this context from our school and from our local partners who are 75.yıl Sehit Ustegmen Murat Erdem Cok Programlı Anadolu Lisesi and Corum Bahçelievler Meslek ve Teknik Anadolu Lisesi will send total 45 students and 5 companion teachers will participate internship program which will be realizing in Italy and Spain for 2 weeks. Total of 1 year long project starts 01 June, in 2015 will expire on 31 May, in 2016. 1. Mobility will be realised between 28 February, 14 March and 2. mobility will be realised between 16-30 May. It is planned to realize mobility on February-March 2016 in Spain that participated 13 students in child development department students and 2 companion teacher from our school and 12 students and 1 companion teacher from Corum Bahçelievler Meslek ve Teknik Anadolu Lisesi. Italy mobility May 2016 and participated 9 students in child development department and 1 companion teacher from our school and 11 students in child development department and 1 companion teacher from 75.yıl Sehit Ustegmen Murat Erdem Cok Programlı Anadolu Lisesi . All the participants consist of female students except 3 boy students. In the process of selecting participants vocational and language informations will be applied tests to measure. Also students who trying to get abroad and eager to work in group, prone to learning and discovery, succesfull in the lecturer notes will be given priority. Companion will be selected from among the teachers who will be able to organize the operation of the Group and a sufficient level of English language knowledge. "Practical Montessori Education" information about the program and work calendars are detailed in section of main activities. The Internship program in Montessori Training with basic information about the application and technical methods to participants in the principles and the one-to-one practical on training activities will be carried out. It is are set up for the 5-month period before the project activities implementation and preparation of participants for activities after the 4-month period the internship evaluation and dissemination activities. The project execution phase, the full cooperation and coordination with the method of studies will be carried out and the project management unit from our school and local partners will be responsible for project execution. Main objectives of our project are as follows; -To provide students in child development to see in Europe different education systems, -This training system is used to resolve differences over to provide diff. -To ensure the progress of students ' foreign language level and increase the confidence of their own, -To provide our students to create awareness around with this Europe training, -To ensure that students increase their employability rate. The scope of the project, the predicted results is as follows: -49 students participating Internship activities in Italy and in Spain have taken "Practical Montessori Education". -Our students have seen European culture, the techniques used in the field of child development Division and a chance to see closely the innovations found instances of good practice, they found opprtunity to bring their schools. -Our school and local partners created the awareness about the Montessori training in their schools. -"Montessori Education's local and national-wide announcement and for the implementation of activities is made of all of the necessary extend. -Students have improved their employment opportunities with documents with internship Participant Certificates documenting , the Europass CV and Mobility. Students and companions when they come back that they have applied to transfer,training to their own school in child development students, teachers, and administrative personnel and schools so child development field to the new application procedure will be gained. In the long term to learn this method by applying all the Child Development Department, students will improve their capacity of both corporate qualifications and both shall ensure the sustainability of the project.



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