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Date du début: 1 juin 2016, Date de fin: 31 mai 2018 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Seurakuntaopisto coordinates the project. Thw national partners are the Helsinki Deaconess Institute (HDO), the Finnish Institute of Cosmetology Association (SKYO) and Oulu Deaconess Institute (ODO). Seurakuntaopisto, Helsinki and Oulu have a long cooperation in national Diakonia institutes network. With SKYO Seurakuntaopisto acts as a partner in the project pedagogical development projects financied by National Board of Education's. All consortium members belong to the same quality network (Yhdessä eteenpäin). Together we represent a wide range of private training providers of vocational secondary education. We believe that a diverse International cooperation is a necessary part of vocational training and educational development. In evaluations we have identified strengths and development targets of the international processes.This project aims to strengthen the professional capacity of students and experts to operate in an international working environment. The project will improve the quality of international work by binding to ECVET's principles of competences. We also want to develop mobility processes on fields of coaching participants with new tools (digitization) so their will feel safe and motivated during their mobility. We also want to share good practises in competence based learning and skills identification.Foreign partnerships are results of the long co-operation. There are also new partners with whom we share good practice and learn new things. Amount of foreign educational institution partners is 14. Student mobility periods are 5-8 weeks and with experts in 4-5 days.During the project 1.9.2016-31.5.2018, 104 students will participate (20 of them special support needs) and 35 experts will travel abroad (9 of them will be accompaning persons). In addition of planning, implementation and evaluation of the mobilities we improve existing processes (the year the clock and the division of responsibilities), documents, electronic tools, responsibilities of concortium and the development of qualitative assessment (Webropol).The working methods of communication, control, guidance, coordination and cooperation meetings. We make use of other projects outputs (Keva, Cate, SotenetSkills). Are created from the results. updated at the annual international activities, the new international banking activity material (Office 365), updated forms and new management forms of electronic communication and



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