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Coaching to unleash potential
Date du début: 1 mai 2016, Date de fin: 31 oct. 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The project “Coaching to unleash potential” is developed in the framework of Erasmus+ Programme, KA1: Youth Mobility – partner countries. The goals of the project include enhancing the work capacity of youth organizations working with youth who are NEET or belong to marginalized groups of society via training youth workers, mentors, mediators, leaders and activists to apply coaching methods to their work. In a long term the project has the objective of creating a network of professionals in working with NEET groups, who are going to implement coaching in their work, create a database on the topic, share best practices and know-how, and cooperate in different projects.There are 13 partners involved in this project: Romania, Poland, Belgium, Cyprus, Serbia, Georgia, Portugal, Slovenia, Slovakia, Spain, Latvia, Italy and Bulgaria. The coordinator is VIA CIVIC Association – Bulgaria. The duration of the project is 6 months and in this time frame we will carry out a 7-day training course on coaching with 26 youth workers which is going to take place in the town of Dobrinishte, Bulgaria, in July 2016, with an international team coaching professionals.Coaching is a creative process that provokes reflection, inspires people to enhance their personal and professional potential while focusing on goal setting and achieving real results. This method is being successfully applied for achieving personal development, career growth and exclusion prevention, which explains the increasing interest for it during the last years.The aim of the training course is to prepare youth workers, supported by their respective organizations, to apply coaching in their work with NEET youth (youth who are not in education, employment or training) and with young people from risk groups and also as a prevention tool against dropout and marginalization. The training course will: provide the youth workers with the necessary knowledge and competencies, according to the standards and ethical norms of the International Coaching Federation; introduce a set of coaching tools and explain their practical usage, as well as space for practicing the coaching process so that youth workers can immediately begin implementing coaching methods in their youth work among their local community. Thus youth organizations will rely on better prepared youth workers, who use innovative methods and knowledge on human development, will get the opportunity to form a sustainable system for working with marginalized social groups, and will enhance their capacity and develop know-how and best practices.Participants in the training course will be encouraged to create and actively participate in an international network of youth workers in order to share responsibility and experience in working with NEET youth, to continue on sharing and enlarge the database of best practices and know-how, to develop future projects together, which will deal with problem of marginalization.



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