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Coaching Skills for Adult Education
Date du début: 1 janv. 2014,

This project aims at rising awareness of what coaching is and finding (through research&piloting) the most effective way of applying it in adult education context. Although the aims and objectives of adult education and coaching are very similar there is very little research in Europe on application of coaching in adult education. Understanding the adult learning theory shows how coaching can be applied in order to enhance the learning process in adults. Coaching competencies are a specific set of skills that enable the coach to assist the coachee in setting his own meaningful goals, accessing his resources, seeing things from different perspective, thinking creatively and finding his own solutions to his challenges. As opposed to mentoring or counseling coaching doesn’t involve giving advice but points the other person to their own wisdom. We believe that these skills are invaluable in adult education context and can contribute to empowerment of both educators and learners. The learners of adult education institutions often experience high level of stress which is interfering in their learning ability. Research and experience show that adult education professionals need to develop skills that will allow them to empower and support learners better. We foresee that the seminars and other training tools (e.g. virtual learning environment) developed through this project will result in more inspiring, satisfied and effective educators and more self-directed and motivated adults. Coaching has high potential for enhancing self-efficacy, a core feature in social cognitive theory where “individuals are viewed as executors proactively engaged in their own development and who actively control their own actions”. This project also aims at bringing together the most effective professional coaches and involving them in debate on best practices in coaching which later will be adapted to adult education context and serve as a basis for design of courses and training aids.



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