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Coaching Professionals for the Future
Date du début: 1 juin 2016, Date de fin: 31 mai 2018 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

International co-operation plays a strong role in Savo consortium's operations. International contacts of Savo Consortium are essential for students, staff as well as for the companies of the whole Savo region. The key goals during the consortium's latest strategy period include developing internationally valid skills for working life and adding possibilities for learning at work. Coaching Professionals for the Future, PROFF, is a student and staff mobility project for all study fields of Savo consortium. Its goals lie in the consortium's operational plan for international issues. The PROFF goals are 1) to provide students and staff with high-quality mobility periods by improved pre-coaching and on-site guidance 2) to improve ways of assessing and validating both informal learning and life-long learning skills gained via mobilities 3) to enhance staff's internationally valid skills and knowledge of working life and develop on-site guidance methods Except for increasing quality, PROFF aims to add volume of study and on-the-job learning periods of students and volume of staff's work periods.The quality of student mobilities is improved by new pre-coaching material and methods for living abroad and by building an equal consortium-wide system. PROFF coaching seeks to provide students with essential basic knowledge of host country's culture and vital language skills to manage successfully their daily and working life situations as well as with field-specific skills. PROFF offers mobility periods for 313 students which cover 2-10 weeks of studies or on-the-job learning in 16 countries. Students are in the basic vocational education of various fields at Savo vocational college. In general, mobility periods are taken part of in the final phase of the education. Each mobility period has its own contents and goals according to student's needs. For students with special needs PROFF offers shorter options of 2 weeks. The students benefit from personal support of an attending teacher or a work tutor or optionally of practical nurse students during their mobility periods. PROFF's work placement periods range from 4 to 10 weeks and school-based study periods from 3 to 4 weeks. Consortium's partner schools offer international study modules that were created in various partner projects such as Automobility, EMEU, Transmobility, one2one. On-the job learning is included in these study modules. PROFF is applying 49 staff mobilities for improving Savo consortium staff's international competences. The project develops pre-coaching of staff and methods for benefitting from new skills and competences gained abroad. PROFF targets to add knowledge and awareness concerning ECVET system including assessment and validation through all the study fields of the vocational college. A staff mobility period comprises of a working period which adds to person's own professional or field-specific competences or of a shorter visit period at the on-the-job learning place of students for instruction or evaluation (job-shadowing). During these periods participants concentrate on assessing life-long learning skills and the periods range from 3 -5 days' job shadowing periods to 1 or 2 weeks' working periods. PROFF enables vocational students to gain professional, cultural and communicative skills giving strong sense of independence, self-reliance and braveness. Mobility periods upgrade and update students' skills and competences when starting a career or seeking a further educational path. PROFF fortifies staff readiness for international challenges, inspires to develop their professional field and increases international contacts and collegial co-operation. Best practices to provide education, evaluate students, to assess and validate learning outcomes can be profited by more and more organizations in the future. This fact increases transparency of studies as well as the quality of mobility periods and of the vocational education in general.



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