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Coaching and Consulting
Date du début: 1 sept. 2015, Date de fin: 31 janv. 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Project "Coaching and Consulting" is a training course, which idea was created as the answer to the needs of youth workers and people working with youth, which these people are facing while working with youngsters, these days, when the labour market is very dinamic. The activities took place in Nasutów near Lublin from the 17th till 22nd of November 2015. Participants of this TC were 14 people from 7 countries: Poland, Portugal, Ukraine, Italy, Turkey, Latvia and Georgia, who work with young people and persons with fewer opportunities or with the danger of social exclusion. The main aim of the project was supporting people who work in the youth field in their career developpment as well as personal development by: giving them methods and tools of couching and career counselling, thanks to which they are now be able to successfully help young people in finding themselves on the labour market and develop their personal and communication competences. All these aims to improve the quality of youth working. Program consist 3 directions of development, helpful in youth work. Training was based on coaching method, which has given tools for better improvement of needs, puting aims- as well as participants of the project and the youth with whom they are working. Coaching was be led inside the group of partipants, which has influenced on learning process. The second imporant part was job counselling for youth and development of interpersonal skills. As the result youth from Europe receives complex support from people working with youth, whose openess and proper counselling will help them to combat difficulties in adolescence period.



6 Participants partenaires