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Coach `Em - supporting NEET young people through coaching
Date du début: 19 août 2016, Date de fin: 18 janv. 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The training course Coach`Em - supporting NEET young people through coaching will be happening in Riga, Latvia during the period of 10-17 Sept. 2016 including 28 participants from 6 countries (Latvia, Estonia, Lithuania, Armenia, Moldova, Ukraine)The project aims to train youth workers & youth leaders in using coaching tools & techniques to assist young people in the process of becoming active in the labour market.In order to achieve the aim of the training course the project team sets next objectives: - To adapt coaching tools & techniques to fit the frame of youth work and the context of assisting NEET youth;- To provide coaching tools and empower participants for their daily work with young people; - To share good practices & support measures created in the participating countries in order to decrease youth unemployment;- To discuss the topic of unemployment with specific attention to youth unemployment in the participant's countries;- To share knowledge & tools with networks and local communities regarding the topic of coaching & youth unemployment;- To provide space for practicing coaching tools & techniques in an international environment; - To provide space for creating cooperation bonds in order to create projects addressing the topic of youth unemployment; - To foster mutual understanding amongst youth workers from various European countries regarding their role in youth's career choice;The topic of the project fully corresponds to the objectives of the Erasmus+ programme and Key Action 1 as it addresses the topic of youth unemployment, tries to adapt tools for the context & aims to train youth workers and youth leaders in using a certain tool-box, that can later be developed on and further applied. Organizations carrying out this project would like to keep on working with NEET young people & be more competent in the field with additional techniques brought into organizations. Thus, we are interested in carrying out this project to develop the our organizations, which in order will assist in developing the communities, that we are active in. The training course will have concrete impact on several levels the participants, the organizations involved in the project, the target groups of young people with whom the participants work. -Participants will become more competent, they will acquire valuable experience working in an intercultural environment, will gain more knowledge about Erasmus+, non-formal learning, their youth leader’s/youth worker’s toolboxes will be enriched. Participants will also have the chance to leave daily work life & come together to concentrate on the learning & developing professionally. During a 8-day training course topics of youth unemployment, support measures & coaching will be discussed.



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