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CO-GAME Collaborative cultural heritage video game creation
Date du début: 1 déc. 2015, Date de fin: 30 nov. 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Videogames have started to be used in the classroom with learning aims beyond fun and entertainment: they are not only tools to teach advanced logics, strategy, design, storytelling or programming but an obvious source of employability for learners: videogame industry is the number one creative industry in the world. However, what remains certainly unexplored is the possibility of guiding teachers and learners to create adapted videogames to their own needs for educational and training purposes. In order to help this process, CO-GAME proposes to take as a point of departure the historical context of a particular building or space close to the learners (involving social, cultural, political, economic, technological and, amongst all, civic aspects). History and common heritage are thus be seen as the close step to introduce the learners in videogame creation. So, CO-GAME generator project has the following aims: 1. To boost the potential of the production of videogames by learners for education and training 2. To create adaptable and practical tools to generate videogame educational training courses 3. To interconnect new ways of narrativity for a living civic heritage 4. To connect VET institutions with stakeholders in the videogames industry and other VET institutions in order to create job opportunities In order to do that, partners will create a specific CO-GAME generator curriculum, able to be adapted by any VET stakeholder based in the following elements: - a Civic Heritage descriptor (where the main historial and civic aspects are identified, in this case, Middle Age for CEPS -Barcelona; Castles in Linz- BFI; historical streets in Budapest – Laterna Magica; Ancient Rome in Rome- CIES and pioneer scientists in Mons- Mundaneum) - a videogame for VET production guide (with specific indications for the software development) - a videogame for VET design guide (including how to develop story, puzzes, storyboard and documentation) - a qualification assessment tool (to link the training actions with National and International qualification system) - a Press-releaser, or a tool to create press-releases; the specific instrument used to get known or get a job in videogames industry With CO-GAME generator curriculum (FR, IT, ES, EN, DE, CAT), partners will develop and test a module for Train the trainers addressed to teachers of their organisations. This module will be an Open Educational Resource, 3.0 Creative Commons licensed, with blended learning sections (presential and elearning) Those teachers will lead the creation of 5 local training units (one per country, lasting 30 h for 15 pax each) , where learners (with balanced women participation) will create at least 25 games. All the modules will be picked up in a digital compilation to be disseminated in an International Multiplier event in Barcelona and in national multiplier events in Austria, Italy, Belgium and Hungary. Local impact - adaptation of the curriculum and models to local training projects - balanced participation of women in ICT oriented training - adaptation of the staff of VET institutions to new job frames strengthen employability (acquisition of new skills); - increase the capacity of experimenting, innovating and contributing to change in educational sector - developed and maintained close, lasting and productive ties with employers, clients and other educative institutions in the sectors of reference; - new ways of cooperation with the world of employment; National impact -contribute to a creative economy that has an influence in the economy and society; -introduce innovation in VET in order to meet requirements in VET and on labour markets -increase awareness of the stakeholders of the importance of the potential of the correct and update use of digital technologies - openness and adaptability to new approaches as introducing videogames as an educative possibility in the classroom - Focus on videogame industry as a focus for employment European impact - Awareness of European VET partners of the videogame creation for the use for training purposes and increasing of employability - New links between VET providers and videogames industry players



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