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Co-construction d'une Offre de Formation à Finalité d'Employabilité Elevée
Date du début: 15 oct. 2015, Date de fin: 14 oct. 2018 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

COFFEE (Co-construction d'une Offre de Formation à Finalité d'Employabilité Elevée) is a project aiming creating and implementating pilot professionalizing bachelor degrees in Algeria. The COFFEE consortium includes the Ministry for Higher Education and Research (MESRS), nine algerian universities as well as two organisms representing industry and six European partners.Professionals from industry express quite significant needs for quickly operational middle-management whereas only 5% of students actually enroll for professional training courses. COFFEE brings an answer to these two issues by offering both a methodology for co-building with industry and attractive pilot bachelor degree programs.Thanks to COFFEE, nation-wide cooperation between industry and university will be extended and strengthened.COFFEE’s key achievements are :- a structural matrix that provides a framework for creating and implementing pilot bachelor degree programs,- a procedure for co-building these programs,- a post-project collaborative platform to disseminate the COFFEE approach for creating and implementing new professionalizing programs,- an inventory for training programs, competences and metiers in order to make the relationship between degrees, competences and jobs visible and to enhance it,- a network of experts trained to a competence-based approach description of bachelor degree programs,- eighteen pilot bachelor degrees.A significant impact is expected from COFFEE on :-industry at large, that will have at its disposal a set of graduates able to become quickly and fully integrated,-academics who will improve and multiply their universities’professionalizing training programs and strenghten their ties with industry,- students who will get valuable sought-after degrees,- the MESRS, that will be provided with examples of good practice which may be useful for the implementation of its policy towards the creating of professional training courses.



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