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CO 2 : The North Sea Cycle Route 2 - Cycling On (NSCR)
Date du début: 2 mars 2003, Date de fin: 30 déc. 2006 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

In order to secure full and lasting benefits of the North Sea Cycle Route (former Interreg IIB project), the aim of the CO 2 project was to establish a permanent organisational structure, well publicised and branded, to offer a consistently high-quality cycling experience and an insight into the natural and man-made heritage of the North Sea Region as a whole. Cycle tourism gives minimal environmental impact and low demands on infrastructure with the bicycle being the most energy efficient form of transport. At the same time it offers considerable economic benefits for rural and peripheral areas derived from tourism. Achievements: The main achievement of the CO 2 project was the development of a permanent management structure to oversee the integration of the North Sea Cycle Route (NSCR) as a high quality product in the North Sea Region (NSR). This was supported by knowledge transfer and promotion of the NSCR including a website, newsletters, conferences, forums and exchanges.Besides physical improvements of infrastructure, such as improvements to road surfaces, signing and access to accommodations were undertaken to facilitate those using the existing NSCR.Additionally, new services and special cycle tour packages were established. CO2 facilitated the consolidation of the NSCR as a global tourist product beyond the NSR.As the number of users (cyclists) continues to rise, it is expected that both the public and the private sector of the partner regions will continue to improve the physical standard and the level of services on offer along the North Sea Cycle Route also after the closure of the project.Policy documents produced by the national road authorities in the different partner countries were influenced by the project, e.g. The national cycle strategy which is being developed in Norway. Furthermore regional politicians used the CO 2 project as an example to increase the focus on cycling and a healthy society in general.



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