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CNEL 2016
Date du début: 1 janv. 2016, Date de fin: 31 déc. 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The National Student Conference of Luxembourg (CNEL) represents more than 40,000 students. The CNEL, through its delegates, represents all pupils in secondary education in Luxembourg. In a country known for its multiculturalism, it goes without saying that the school population reflects this reality and it is the same within the CNEL. It is the spokesperson of the students vis-a-vis the Ministry of Education and other education partners (teachers’ unions, parents associations, etc). The CNEL is composed of an official representative and one substitute from each high school and technical school. There are 42 permanent members (the number of high schools), aged between 12 and 19/20 years. The monthly meetings of the committee of the CNEL is a time where young delegates can discuss among themselves and with experts, on topics relevant to them, through working groups and presentations. In addition, members of the CNEL will pass the information gained from these meetings to their respective committees, and vice versa, committees can transmit their grievances to the CNEL. The 4 regional days for the student committees are, meanwhile, days dedicated to all the members of student committees of the 42 high schools, in which all young local representatives will have the opportunity to obtain information on their rights and duties as a student committee and bring them into contact with people who can support them in achieving their missions throughout their term. Considering the magnitude of this structure and the influence it could have on young people, an adequate guidance to train and prepare these young "leaders" is essential. The main objectives are: a) to educate young people for democratic citizenship by providing them with skills that they will need throughout their lives and make them active and critical citizens, and b) enable us through networking and exchange, to publicize and promote the views of students in our country. The CNEL’s mission is more specifically to highlight the students’ needs and problems, support them during possible discord with teachers, play the ombudsman in conflicts between students, as well as assist the committees in carrying out activities that would aim to make school life more enjoyable. Our young people need to develop skills and find tools to deal effectively with problem-solving in everyday student life. These skills will be developped during the 4 regional days for the student committees, and during the " Weekend CNEL " .In addition, the CNEL is a major support group for the structured dialogue on youth. Indeed, by promoting a dialogue between young people, teachers and school administration, both in their school and with the Ministry and other national institutions, we can truly advise students, respond to their needs and demands, and address their grievances to people which are responsible to act in their interests. Students will not only attend, but really play a role in the planning of student life and contribute to the discussions which affect them directly. Moreover, considering that the CNEL must perform regular consultations under the European and national structured dialogue, it would be important to give the CNEL practical and intellectual means to carry out these consultations.