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Clusterprojekt für die Luft- und Raumfahrt
Date du début: 1 juin 2016, Date de fin: 31 mai 2018 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The cluster project for the aerospace industry has its origins in 2007. About this project and the state school board Lüneburg contact the BBS Rinteln CFA Marcel Sembat in the Haute Normandie with its partner factories in Rouen in 2007 came about. In mutual visits a mutual exchange was agreed which was first successfully performed in 2008 and successfully repeated in the following years , after detailed evaluation.Subtleties in the organizational process and in the implementation were further optimized every year. The exchange project was then expanded to other locations and companies both in France and in Germany . The number of trainees was further increased . After the positive results we have been felt for the young trainees with applications in the primary labor market decided to have an exchange project with the Lower Saxony Partnerregin Andalusia in southern Spain to pursue . About the Lower Saxony Ministry of Culture of Contact for IES Antonio Salvatore in Palma del Rio , Spain was brokered in 2010 , at which there is a department of aircraft technology. After a preparatory visit a regular exchange of students was recorded and thus the cluster project for the aerospace industry to another European partner be expanded in 2012.Since 2013 there are contacts to a school with the Aviation Department in Ostend ( Belgium) , and a further Spanish partner in Madrid.After the BBS Rinteln has a total of almost 50 trainees from the field Fluggerätechnik who are able to do an internship abroad , also other department of our school have now decided to make their students abroad offers. To this end, contacts have been established to Denmark and the UK.We ship trainees from the dual vocational training , usually from the second or third year . For those 18 to 20 years old students , we offer the opportunity to the well-founded and recognized training in Germany to complement an international component . Thus, the technical skills to have the ability in a foreign language environment to work with foreign colleagues have been extended successfully . Proven to enhance the chances of apprentices in the labor market after they were able to gather these experiences abroad. It results in addition to many new impressions and technical procedures and a significant increase in self-confidence and self-esteem.In addition to technical skills , we have agreed with our foreign partners, an extensive cultural program , so that students will also get a taste of other cultures and ideas about life . The statement " The work quite differently than we do and achieve results of their work anyway," I have often heard of trainees and also strikes me as a very important result of foreign activities .Through constant exchange of visits with a detailed evaluation of the activities and experiences following the internships we have reached a very high standard for training abroad. This also applies to the new partnerships that we want to establish .Since we have been praised several times in recent years by the national agency with a "Good Practice Award " Our project has acquired a very good reputation in Lower Saxony to in Ministry of Culture and also up in industry-related circles . This is reflected in the request for presentations , for example, at events of Lower Saxonie Aviation , the trade association for the aerospace industry in Lower Saxony. I was also invited to meetings of the EACP Skills Hub with the theme "Understanding qualification certificates and competences in MRO and manufacturing" in Europa. Working groups of Germany , Belgium , Spain, Turkey, Italy, were invited and I was asked to cooperate. Thus, there are in addition to the considerable extension of competence of the trainees who always come first, of course, also far-reaching contacts up to all of Europe. So we also have the opportunity to represent our know-how in Europe and to participate in the standardization of training standards for aviation in Europe.



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